New Release: Pilot's Boeing B314 "The Clipper" Flying Boat

I think this article describes what it is talking about: “Colors were meant to invoke spaciousness without being too bright. “Skyline Green,” “Miami Sand Beige,” “Tango Rust,” and “Pan American Blue,” were chosen for fabrics and bulkheads.”

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For those of you not aware, the PILOT’S 132 page historical B-314 aircraft manual is available at our web shop for free. All you have to do is register a free customer account and you will have full access to that and the actual Boeing B-314 manual too.

I attached some extracted info regarding the interior colours below.



Sadly, this representation should be considered pre-release in the current state. Please note old chap, I am not asking for a refund. But as it is, by my choice, I have deleted this sim from my community folder and will not re-install it until such time I find it more acceptable.


Maybe the green came from the Brits. They liken green to luxury/sophisticated from that era, everything from racing green to snooker/billiards.
eg: 1,903 British Racing Green Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

“Imagine you’re the pilot of a British-operated, Boeing 314 Clipper crossing the Atlantic in early-1942. Your passenger insists on having a go at the controls, but you can’t really say no.”


No. At that period the manufacturers told the airlines what interior colours they were getting, not the other way round. It was after WW2 that things began to change. So the green is correct and any other colour is not.

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I don’t know if you’re replying to me, but if so I don’t think it’s relevant to the point I was making.

The B314’s were purely made for high end luxury travel (until co-opted into the wartime transportation command system) so the manufacturers were certainly aware of the needs/wants of the paying airline target customer base, and I’m sure Pan Am would have made it clear to them, or at least given guidance on the expectations of their luxury liner passengers. I doubt they would have bought them otherwise. The airline owners at the time were a hard nosed bunch too, as much as the manufacturers.

Read for some great insight into that era.

Excuse my ignorance but I cannot resist asking, is that Churchill?

Yes, indeed. Good article about it: Winston Churchill's 1942 Flying Bermuda Visit - Bernews


What an amazing fascinating story!! Thank you for sharing the link. That was priceless for me. For all the history that I think I have read, I had never come across such a great article about this incredible Clipper trip. :pray:


Great story!

“I’m sure Pan Am would have made it clear to them, or at least given guidance on the expectations of their luxury liner passengers”

I have no doubt on that. However, it is difficult to argue with Boeing’s own Maintanance Manual as quoted by PILOTSdev. None of the colours in the passenger cabin match the later Pan Am colours and not being familiar with the fulll history of Pan Am, I have no idea when Pan Am settled on their most-well-known colour scheme.


Brand colors and company logos change(d) all the time, Pan Am was no different.

Who knows, maybe it was just the luxury in thing at the time.

Here’s an interesting history of DuPont DUCO paint line used by auto manufacturers, and referenced in the article above…

Regarding the comment about British Racing Green, it’s an interesting thought. Especially because

  1. Juan Trippe’s original intention was to go to Europe. He only ended up crossing the Pacific because the British didn’t have a plane comparable to the Sikorsky S-42, and they would only open their ports when British air traffic could go to America (which it couldn’t), so they closed their ports to Pan Am.

  2. As noted in the article above, color trends in the U.S. were driven by European fashion trends in at least the 1920’s and 1930’s

Given Trippe wanted to go to Europe and designed his planes with that in mind very likely, there’s some sense to the thought, though maybe not directly related… :person_shrugging:

I wonder also if the darker colors were thought to maybe help pilots flying at night, which a large portion of these flights did. Brighter cockpit walls and panels might have been thought to hinder their night vision?

I’m still kind of thinking maybe the fabric on the walls of the cockpit was Boeing Light Green as opposed to Boeing Dark Green. But I know nothing about colorizing black and white photos, so, who knows?

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The dev went a bit off the rails on the Avsim forum. Really put me off ever getting this.


As I’m sure did some users over at Avsim who expected perfection. Avsim went off the rails years ago. It’s too bad he fell into the trap. So many people expect the results of a large development shop from small developers who put their hearts into making something that means a lot to them.

Actions speak louder than words. He’s already proven through action he plans on continuing development of the product. I’m sure, however, it’s hard to ignore comments like the review that said he was going to ask for a refund without putting any effort into understanding what the issues were.

There are better ways to deal with getting what you want than demanding it of others. I’m trying to understand how the cameras work, I think I’ve found a bug (easily fixed) in it, and I’m not whining what a horrible developer he is, I’m going to figure out how the cameras work (I never have fully gotten into it), I’ll fix it and let the developer know.

Overall, I’m super happy with the product and learning more about it every day. If I’m not happy with his color choices (I am, #justsayin), I’ll fix the textures to my liking. They are already to the developers liking, I wouldn’t expect him to change them. If he ends up liking mine better, he can have them. But, as I’ve said before, I could never build something like this package he’s created for the community. I can fix little things to be more to my liking, but now I’ve got a product I’ve waited over 10 years for.

I patiently wait for the day that social media expects civility, and people don’t feel entitled because they spent $30. We’re very far from that today, and it’s too bad.

P.S. I saw someone in another post say “He tried to set himself up as a moderator”… His support forum is based at Avsim, and he didn’t try to set himself up as a moderator, he IS the moderator at his own forum. I’m not going to judge how smart it is to provide support in public. Can you imagine Carenado running a public support forum and what it would look like? Eek!


Yeah, it’s a bit of a mess over there. The product got some very unfair scrutiny, but the dev handled it extremely poorly. I just don’t want to buy a product off someone who appears to have the temperament of a teenager. That’s all it is really. Glad you are enjoying it though.


I don’t think either side came across very well on that thread, but just as a point of clarity, the dev’s comments which attracted some ire (the threat to delete posts) didn’t appear in his own ‘support forum’, but in a general forum topic, of which he was not a moderator. I’m not trying to debate the rights or wrongs, just providing the context.


I read through the Avsim thread, and I read the comments that have been deleted from this thread as well.

Personally, I find that I agree with you, people are expecting a lot. $30 prices it above many others, but Pilot’s has been up front that it’s not finished, and for a complex plane that will get more complex, $30 is fair, I think.

I also find it funny that, since the kerfuffle at Avsim, discussion here has been centered on the color of the carpet of the flight deck. It seems to me that if discussion is focused on that of all things, maybe the addon is in a better place than people give it credit for.

Edit: For the record, I was skeptical of this addon based on reviews, but I’m glad I bought it anyway. Sure it needs some work, but it’s a nice, unusual aircraft in a sea (get it?) of modern tubeliners.


Oooh not finished… Was just about to pull the trigger… Thanks for saving me some ££ Towards tomorrow’s Toliss A320Neo for XP-12.

I had recently deleted XP12, But I can’t resist a new Bus!!, even If I have one that almost perfect for free in a better looking sim. There is just something about it I desire :slight_smile:


Yeah, I might revisit this when it’s actually finished in a couple of years.