New Shorts Sd3-30 / Sd3-60 and Sherpa project from Blackbox

I would be interested in helping with the beta testing. I’m a retired software systems engineer (industrial process controls) with testing experience ranging from formal test scripts for validated pharmaceutical processes to less formal roll-your-own “hey what does this button do”. At your service.

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Send me a DM. Let’s discuss this.



Fox’s Golden Crunch Creams or it’s war.


I hate to say it because I live within 10 miles of the Fox’s factory, but it’s Chocolate Hob-Nobs or else, lol!


just a little something i am working on

(Yes… it wipes )



I know somebody who would love to know how you did that. Very clever. :+1::grin:

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Looks like Scotland - blue sky yet still raining! :slight_smile:
Seriously, that looks impressive though.


:rofl::rofl: Or it could even be Auckland NZ… Blue skies and that weird watery thing on the windscreen…

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This looks like it will be a Day 1 buy for me. I can’t wait to fly the ugly bastage! :wink:


UGLY? That’s SQUARE to you, good sir. :wink:


Looks great, and I can’t wait! I have to admit that it looks like it’s lacking on the texture side a bit though.

How fo you mean lacking on the texture side?

Sorry, it seems my comment edit reverted for some strange reason. The exterior looks great! But it almost looks like the cockpit is missing texturing on surrounding panels, and everything looks too “new and shiny”. Maybe I prefer my cockpits looking dirtier, and maybe you prefer clean! At the end of the day it’s just an observation, and either way I’m extremely looking forward to this product.


Hmmm that’s sort of an issue with the BN2, mostly the PBR Materials is a bit on the weak side giving that “old PBR technique”, not necessarily bad however that is what give you that impression :slight_smile:

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I have the trislander and I found the same there. Absolutely agree, it’s not ‘bad’ at all. I just found it could maybe be improved, perhaps.

When did we say it was the finished article ?


You didn’t, of course. But from the likes of the islander and trislander, and the comments on ‘beta’ I thought it would be pretty close to finished on the texture side. But hey, it’s already looking great, so this comment makes me even more excited to seeing what the finished product looks like.

Hey, any news to share? Hows the beta going?

Very Well thanks !!
The Aircraft are in the test phases now and many more details / tweaks etc are being incorporated

More news as it gets closer to release but we are “HOPING” For May / June