New Simmers: Introduce Yourself!

Hi @InsideKamakazei!

Feel free to send a message to us Co-pilots using the @Copilot tag for help such as with your A320 autopilot if you’re unable to find your answers on the rest of the forums :+1:

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Hi, you can call me: Christoph
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on: PC
I want to try flight simulation because: I plan to make my PPL-A license
I’m most interested in learning about plane details in Microsoft Flight Simulator:


Hey everyone,

You can call me ChronicJohn117
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on: Xbox

I want to try flight simulation because: I loved previous versions and now that it’s available for the console…I couldn’t resist!!

I’m most interested in learning about realistic flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator! It’s beyond challenging at times, but that’s also what makes it so fun.

Glad to be here and thanks for having me! Safe travels and happy flying!


I downloaded the Little Navmap program and checked the range of the VOR’s.
For some of them I can find a range of 130nm but I can barely receive them within 60 to 70 nm, maybe it’s because of the height during flying with singe prop GA aircraft.
But knowing about this issue I am using the outbound radial as well till I receive the new VOR.

Thank you very much for your support :slight_smile:

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Hi! This is Gresh. I am playing on a PC. I have just retired and have always been interested in flying. Unfortunately, flying lessons and flight time is well beyond my means. I can, however, afford a decent computer!


Hi Gresh, welcome to MSFS. If you need any help or like to get some guidance, let me or the other co-pilots Our Co-pilots (Welcome Crew) - Student Pilots / Basic Gameplay Help - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums know via this forum or a DM, and we are happy to help you out!

Hi from john. FSimmer from 1989. Loving the new MSFS 2020


Hello everyone, my name is Sudden,
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC (3070/Ryzen 5 3600).
I enjoy playing simulation games and learning real-world techniques while playing casually. Right now I’m most flying single engine prop planes.


Welcome Sudden I also recommend trying out the Diamond DA 62 it’s a good plane in the sim it’s a less scary twin ga to learn

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This looks awesome! Recommended Console joystick?

Thrustmaster right now but I like to see more realistic stick.Three Yokes are coming Thrustmaster, Turtlebeach and Honeycomb.I will probably get Honeycomb they also have stick coming and more


Great thanks for the response!

Hello! I just purchased an Xbox S so my son can play Flight Simulator. He is only 8 and a half but he loves it, it’s all he talks about. He likes the Citation the best. I am trying to work my way through the Flight Training so I can follow what he is talking about and help him fix things when he gets stuck.


Awesome work, dude!

Hi I’m John and have been simimg for many years, FSX was my Sim. I’m a real world Private Pilot flying Cessna 152 & 172’s and have also flown the Caravan. Due to severe Heart problems, I have been grounded so flying the sim is my passion to keep flying. In FSX I flew the PMDG 737 which I love. Can’t wait until PMDG releases the 737 for MSFS 2020. I have built my own gaming computer and use three monitors to get a panoramic view. I installed MSFS 2020 about 3 Weeks ago and learning to get around. So far I really love it even with its quirks. I had the same problem as others with WU VI. Was very frustrating until I read about XBOX app.
So that’s my story and look forward to reading more and learning from you guys.
Happy Siming!


Joystick recommendations i just posted a small review of 3 joysticks in there.

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I’m simming now on a PC. I got my Private Pilot License back in 1980. Spent 30 years in Air Traffic Control (various facilities, various location - all in USA Terminal option). Have always loved aviation and when VR came to MSFS, bought a system and am trying to re-learn all the old school things my CFI taught me.

Kinda been lurking around the forums, but figured it is time to get active and participate. Heck I know I don’t know a lot about flying, but figure the ATC and PPL experience can help others out a little bit.

Be safe out there…


Hi all,

What an incredibly detailed forum.

I’m Liberance. First time simmer. It never occurred to me I’d enjoy a game like this, I’m more of a story-driven adventure game player. But the 2020 FS caught my eye as soon as they revealed how expansive it was going to be.

I play on console, Xbox Series X, so I’m glad they added it to GamePass so I could try it and get the feel of it. Loving it so far.

In real life, I’ve traveled quite a bit as I had to move between countries several times due to work. At the moment I go back and forth between Ireland and Spain. Over time, this makes you develop an interest in planes. How they work, what’s that sound, why did it do that that one time, which model am I gonna be on next flight, etc.

I’m still not sure what my plane of choice will be in the simulator, although handling wise I lean toward the Daher TBM. I’m slowly transitioning from a mostly automated configuration to doing more and more things manually myself, and I think I figured a good way to start learning the basics without overwhelming myself.

Anyways, that’s that. Nice to meet you all.


Hi @Liberance and welcome to the community!

Great to hear your story and how your love for planes developed!

Happy flying!


Hello, my name is Daryl. I have been using MFSF since the very early days. I don’t get too technical with this simulator however I am getting close to retirement and when that happens I feel I may have more time to really get into it and go with less automation. One thing I miss the most in the new MSFS is the in ability to set up a cross country trip with several planned stops. I used to like to get a nice long trip going and to be able to log in every once in a while and fly a leg. Oh well, maybe it will be coming. I have always been interested in flight. My father was a pilot when I was young and spent alot of time in the air. He eventually got his commercial rating and flew a DC-9. It was a thrill. So that’s my story and i am here to learn more about this sim.