New Simmers: Introduce Yourself!

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Hello everyone, I’m a fan of Microsoft Flight Simulator like you, I want to discuss to understand if some difficulties depend on me or on my hardware … or on the game.
Happy to meet you.

Buongiorno a tutti, sono un appassionato come voi di Microsoft Flight Simulator, desidero confrontarmi per capire se alcune difficoltà dipendano da me o dal mio hardware…oppure dal gioco.
Felce di conoscervi.


I entered the MSFS world after a good friend of mine with whom I used to fly his Bonanza got me to start. My PC has the ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Extreme motherboard with a 11700k CPU and a Samsung 980 PRO 2TB M.2 SSD, 32GB DRAM, MSI RTX3080 graphics card and the Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, with pedals, 2 Throttle Quadrant, Flight Radio Panel, Multi-Panel, Switch Panel and 2 Instrument Panels to run MSFS.

First I was impressed, mainly because of the landscape of MSFS that made it possible to fly routes again I had done as a pilot. But then I was disappointed about how far from reality it was flying with the Saitek yoke. I missed that feeling I used to have in a real plane to land at my home airport EDMJ. The runway is 480x12 meter and so when landing it was important that at touch down the stall warning started to yell. That means I touched down as slow as it can be and I kept the front wheel from touching the runway until it did so due to lack of speed. Specially when landing the with a piper arrow where the ground effect keeps the plane floating. In that maneuver I felt the weight of the plane on my yoke.

Now I have ordered the Brunner CLS-E NYoke as its implementation of the force feed back is said to be based by computing flight and plane data supplied by MSFS. It is scheduled to arrive on March 6th. I hope this heavy investment is worth!


I’m VERY eager to learn!


I’m new to this flightsim 40th edition, I have been simming for about 17 yrs now and used to have a homemade cockpit based on a 737 but dismantled it to give more room in the house!
I’m struggling getting things to happen for me on this flightsim, the hat switch only looks right and left in the cockpit and the same outside including back and front looking at the plane , on FSX I had 8 views ! Is there a way of getting the hat switch to do this ? I can’t seem to find out how to remap it in the menu . I’ve also bought the Airbus Captain’s pack but won’t open it until I know things can be set up properly in this sim
Any help would be greatly appreciated and like FSX are there free 3rd party planes and cockpits available or is it only payware stuff that pops up in the menu ?
Thanks in advance


‘Huddison’ and ‘Simhanger’ have some really excellent YouTube videos on setting up yokes and joysticks. All I know I learned from them, then I made my own tweaks. They both do excellent sections on the HAT switch within the videos.

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Hi I just downloaded the sim today & plan to use it to keep current. I’m getting older now ( 84) & having issues with insurance & Medicals ( not to mention costs gas,ect.) looks like a great place to get help ( help a little when I get more educated.)


Welcome @ArmedSpace2000!

Hey all, Slade here.

You can call me Slade, or El, or Elmore.

I’ve always been fascinated by flying as much as I’ve been terrified of it. I’ve often lived close enough to small airports or airfields to be able to walk to them. I had a dog that used to run away to the local airport and befriend the pilots working on their personal planes and I figured she was onto something.

I’m most interested in learning how to fly without having to spend the big bucks and really understanding the science of aviation and the finer points of handling certain aircraft. Even after three years, I consider myself an absolute rookie. I’ve properly landed maybe three of a hundred flights and I don’t know why.

I feel like the newest flight training in-game is not as forgiving with the new HOTAS. I tried to run through it all again and suffered more crashes than ever before in basic training. I felt like I must have some settings that don’t jive with the whole training schedule, or ???

I love the sim and dislike being frustrated by it’s behaviours sometimes. Or is it me?

I am familiar with simbrief for the larger flights, I have several extra planes purchased, including the PMDG 737-600 and I feel just as lost as I did two years ago. I feel like I’m missing something simple.

Anyways! Hello!
I’ll keep trying.

So I’ve been playing off and on over the past few years. Tried the X version just prior to the 2020 release. Since then I upgraded from the Flight One stick to the T.16000. I noticed a considerable difference in performance.


84! Welcome! :ok_hand:

Hi @Slade337 ! Welcome to the forums. There are people here that are happy to help you land safely ;). If you need some guidance feel free to dm me and maybe I can assist you.

Happy flying!

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Hi I am Tom. I am quite new to flying in SIM and still learning a ton of stuff around. Most of the time I spend in airliners like A320 and 787. I also trying to create some video content from MSFS (more cinematic then tutorial). I am flying with XBox controller right now which is a big limitation for me, but considering to buy Thrustmaster Airbus A320 joystick.

In real life I flying just with drones, but a big dream is to get the flying license on planes.

Happy flying and see you soon



Thank you for the Welcome message. I have been using Condor 2 Glider Sim for a little more than 2 years now. MSFS 2020 just recently started fully supporting gliders (which I’ve been waiting for these 2 years). So I have used MSFS 2020 for only a few days but it seems to work very well.

Glider Flight is really all I am interested in. Competitions would be great to see. I have been flying multi-player in Condor 2 and comps are truly exhilarating.



thats nice

Hi, you can call me Payton.
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on my PC through Steam.
I want to try flight simulation because it’s a way for me to travel around the world without paying a lot of money to travel.
I’m most interested in learning about learning to fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The graphics are amazing, and I am starting to love this game. I love seeing the world through a pilot’s eyes and just remembering how big the world is. There is so much out there to see and explore. My father also loves airplanes and has always dreamed of being a pilot, and along the way, he has taught me what he knows when it comes to throttle, airspeed, and altitude.


Welcome @paytonsnewheart, @PClama212, and other new simmers to the forums!


My name is Wolfhard Konietzko from munich I am new here, I bought the FS 40th anniversary via Microsoft store downloaded it on my PC since last November and I’ve been using a Saitek X52 Joxstick with throttle Pad


Welcome @Majapoochie
I also use the Saitek X52 HOTAS. It works very well for MSFS. (Lots of buttons)


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Im strawdruid23, with an xbox one x, very limited computer savy, using a HOTUS one x. Ive seen msfs on youtube, and just downloaded it. After a few self inflicted problems, it is up and running, and i am fully addicted. I know that practice is the key, so i am spending as many hours as i can crashing into trees and mountains as i can afford. Im getting the hang of landing on the airfield right side up, and going the right way. I look forward to many hours of amazing sim.
Thanks for the great forum!