New Simmers: Introduce Yourself!

Welcome welcome welcome!

Those are the GA planes I fly as well! Can’t wait for the SR22 improvements in the next Sim Update.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in General Discussion & Community Support :slight_smile: we are here to help!

See you in the skies! :airplane:

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Hello serotta3. Welcome to MSFS 2020.
I’m on XBox X as well!
Add me if you like.


I flew a real Cirrus in Maui and loved the plane so I downloaded Premium Deluxe MSFS and it is my default now. Two problems ; 1. It does not have a trim position indicator so I need to get out of VR before take off to neutralize, and 2. It does not have a horizontal trim function button.

Any way to reach developer for fix?

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Welcome :wave: You can submit a report in Aircraft & Systems for each of those bugs if you want :slight_smile:

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I still not yet have the flight simulator but I am very excited to try it. I work in a aviation domain and was always interested by the aircraft. Before to buy, I would like to know something. I saw that the MSFS 2020 has included around 37’000 airports with about 40 hand crafted. I would like to know if it possible to take-off/land from/to each of these 37’000 airports or only those 40 hand crafted?


Welcome to the community!

MSFS (Microsoft Flight Simulator) has the entire world modeled-not just certain areas. You can fly in Antarctica, Norway, anywhere you can think.

There are a few airports missing due to bugs with the data that they have. However, you will likely find the airport you are looking for :blush:

If you have any other questions, feel free to post it in a subcategory of General Discussion & Community Support

There is this (slightly outdated) as well to view the handcrafted airports [GUIDE] Asobo Handcrafted Airports

If you are on PC there are tons of freeware airports as well on :slight_smile:


Hello @FoundSteam61397,
Welcome to the forum.
To answer your question, yes you can go to/from hand crafted and non hand crafted airports.


Hi y’all

I am not that new to MSFS - had it back in the early 00’s.

Anyway: When I bought an intel iMac in 2020 I decided to dedicate space 256 GB on the drive to windows bootcamp and MSFS 2020 and installed it. Never got around to actually play with it, because my old joystick died.

Now 3 years down the line I have a new yoke and throttle coming to me and decided to launch it again so I was ready. It wants to update - there’s a mandatory update. But it won’t because it lacks space. Windows + system files takes up 75 GB and the original install of MSFS around 100. It now needs 157 to update. Tried to uninstall, but cant re-install either.

Is that just how it is? You buy a game. It installs nicely. 3 years down the line there’s a mandatory update that increases size with 50% and you can’t run the game anymore?

Really a bad intro I’m afraid :disappointed_relieved:

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Been here quite for some time sporadically, but I noticed I didn’t go through a proper intro like many here.
Started MSFS with the second version in 1984 with my father, I was pretty young lol.
Since then I had the v4 on which I learnt VOR because the box did came up with quality paper maps at the time, then every version after that :slight_smile:
I also tried some Xplane after FSX, I did like that but somehow always felt less immersive for me, dunno why in fact.


Hello All!

You can call me Mike. I am a teacher and have been assigned to teach in our flight simulator lab this year in the Aerospace Magnet School that I work at.

We have 12 simulator stations in our lab, 10 of them run MSFS through Steam, 2 through Microsoft (I didn’t set up the lab).

I am learning fast, but am having issues with bugs, glitches, and some lack of experience with this software. I am most interested in learning basic tips and tricks that can allow me to use this software reliably with the classes that I have.

The current issue I am having is that we had to do a fresh install of MSFS on all of our machines in order to get the reliably working after the last update, and all of our controller schemes are now missing. I have searched the forum and found some old posts, but little in the way of actually backing up/importing controller schemes.

As you can imagine, having to re-map one sim is annoying. Having to re-map 12 is pretty awful.


Hey hey, and welcome to the community! :blush: that’s awesome to hear that your education department uses MSFS, it’s a truly a great simulator.

Regarding the control profiles, I’m not 100% sure that you can recover them. But, there may be a way to copy over the control profiles from system to system. I will have to do some research on my end!

Typically, peripherals come with a default profile binding. What peripherals do you happen to be using?

I’ll get back to you later about what I find regarding your issue.

See you in the skies! :airplane:

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Hi all,

Guess I ll say hello here.
Couch-pilot living in the beautiful alps of Europe, flying on an Xbox Series X with a turtle beach flightstick.

It’s always been a big dream of mine to become a pilot, but thus far I have not been able to follow that path yet - maybe one day. Until then, MSFS is my go to game every night. I will have to admit that I do like to fly in external camera mostly, just because the plane models are so ■■■■ neat.
Amongst general flying I love to use the sim to explore either places I’ve been to, for the nostalgia (oh hey, I know this building/road/etc…), or to scout out new places I might want to visit or even move to (been thinking about moving to Calgary, and MSFS is an immensely powerful tool to get a sense of space and city composition for any new place).

Anyway, happy trails!


Welcome @chimpSociety ! Happy couch-piloting!

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How can I view and buy flight simulator marketplace content?

Welcome to the community! :wave:

This can simply be done by going to the Marketplace by clicking on the panel in the Home Screen

See you in the skies!

Hello chimp.
Welcome to MSFS 2020

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Hello Hobbes. Welcome to MSFS 2020. On Xbox X. Live in Southeast Alaska!


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I’m looking at getting a new gaming pc to run MSFS2020 with Vatsim online. I want to be able to fly to some of the larger airports with the potential for a lot of online users. What specs PC would I need to maintain smooth running of the game in those scenarios?

Thanks in advance :blush:

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Welcome to MSFS 2020. Don’t have an answer for you on that subject. Sorry.
What’s wrong with the XBox X Series?


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