New SU7 airport GA46 High Point Airport in St Mary's, GA, USA is mislabeled as "Manantali Bengassi"

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Brief description of the issue:
One of the brand new airports from Sim Update 7 is GA46, High Point Airport in St Mary’s, Georgia, USA. It has been improperly labeled as “Manantali Bengassi”, which is a different airport in Mali. (Please note that Manantali Bengassi in Mali is actually also a missing airport, as well, and that it is noted in the Missing Airports Sent to Zendesk bug. It may also be GA46, but I cannot independently verify that with a source that I know to be credible.)

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  1. Go to the World Map.
  2. In the “FROM” field, type “High Point”.

Expected result:
Airport “GA46 High Point, St. Mary’s” appears.

Observed result:
Four airports appear, NC03, 3KS5, 05KT, CYHP. No GA46.

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