New testing build ( releasing December 7, 2021 (Update: available now)

Hello everyone,

We will have an updated build releasing to you later today. The new build is version This build fixes the crash to desktop issue for players using the latest Nvidia GeForce driver (497.09) and also includes updated AIRAC data. To download the new build, please exit and restart Microsoft Flight Simulator. If the update does not automatically trigger:

For PC players:

  • Please restart your PC
  • If that doesn’t work, try signing out and then back in to the Xbox app

For Xbox players:

  • Go to the My Games and App section of your dashboard
  • Select Manage and then go to Updates
  • Any game that can update without having done so already appears in this menu
  • Choose to begin the patch by hovering over the game and pressing A to start it
  • Go to the Settings page, click Systems, and then Updates to make your game update whenever it’s on with an internet connection automatically

Please feel free to continue to submit feedback. We are monitoring the forums and gathering data for the team throughout this flight. We greatly appreciate your participation!

Thank you,


Edit: this build is now available for testers.

is it only fixing the CTD with the driver or the blue / purple patches as well?

I everted to different driver version, so asking if I should dare updateing again…

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Fantastic News Thank you


Great news, thanks!

Is there a change-log/release notes, or is it just as mentioned the CTD fix and navdata update?

Many thanks

Is there a change-log/release notes, or is it just as mentioned the CTD fix and navdata update?

Those are the only changes in this build compared to the initial pre-release testing build.


Thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

if this doesnt fix those blue purple patches, i will be ■■■■■■. I updated my driver from a safe one just for this news today.

Exit and enter in insider programms, restart PC many times, exit and enter to account, but updates don’t see. XBOX and MSStore give me version (

I can’t get it to update tried restarting signing out and back in.

Maybe its not out yet.

The new build isn’t available yet. Per the OP, it will be deployed later today.

I assume that’s one of the things those affected should be testing :slightly_smiling_face:


Regarding the updated AIRAC, I have an issue now where I don’t have any nav data at all. I’m using NAVIGRAPH and have AIRAC 2112 rev 2 installed, yet I have no nav data in the sim. I’ve tried removing and re-installing but still nothing. Is there something up with the underlying database? Any ideas on how to fix or would this update sort this issue out?

Glad to hear about the driver CTD remedy. Have been using 497.09 for several days with no CTDs but if it save just one sim, then it’s worth it. :+1:


I’ve updated to and stil experiencing CTDs. What else can we do?

I’m still not seeing it.

Can you please confirm you’re actually running the build? We’re not showing it as available to testers yet on our end.

I will update this thread once I have confirmed it has been released.

I am not running the latest nvidia driver (I am using 496.49) so I don’t have the CTD issue but the update is definitely released for me here in the pacific time zone in the U.S. (as of 6PM pacific time):


Yes, I just received word the new build is now available.

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