New to Bush trips - where to start?

dear community, now with the Kodiak 100 i want to to give my IFR flying a break and start flying into remote places. How shall i start to plan such flight?

I am not planning to use LittleNavMap but Navigraph. How do you approach the flight planning?
is there a list available where i can see which routes are appropriate for bush trips?

since most of this small airfields have no SIDs and STARs how do you know beforehand which runways are available? how does the terrain looks like in the vicinity?

i appreciate any tipp and comment!


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for bush trips I really recommend using LNM, it’s just a lot better suited for it.

How I approach this; I look for a (pack of) nice bush strips on (there’s loads available these days), and then just plan a route through valleys / along rivers etc, whereever the scenery seems nice. This is where LNM with the different map layers comes in very helpful.

no SIDS and STARS indeed. Just come in, fly over the airport, see what way the windsock points (if available), enter the pattern and land.

Here’s some inspiration;

If you don’t want to plan it yourself, there’s plenty of pre-made bush trips available from as well.

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Thanks for your feedback. Well maybe i shall spend some time seeing how LNM works because it seems more appropriate for Bush trips than Navigraph. So if i understand correctly you download your trips from and then adjust them as necessary and start flying right?

I make my own trips / routes.

I just grab some nice looking bush strips (so small airports) from, and then plan my own route in LNM. Just start with a departure and arrival strip, and then add waypoints / other airports along the way. You can drop a waypoint anywhere you want with LNM.

But if you don’t want to bother with creating your own, there are plenty of ready made trips on; Bush Trips for Microsoft Flight Simulator |


In addition to ready-made bush trips also has flight plans, many of which are to various bush flying sites throughout the world.
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You could use my flight planner to examine the terrain, set up waypoints, and then use its navigation window to follow the plan. That might be more help than is “fair”, but you can take a look.

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LNM and Bush Trip Injector work well together.

I create my own.

UK, Shetlands to Scilly Isles
Lake District
South Coast
Plus about 15 others

Canada, Vancouver to Calgary
Then others to completely cross Canada to Newfoundland.

Europe Across the Alps

Its whereever you want to fly.

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