New to the party. What is this weird terrain issue?

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ground popping up like pillars or monuments of terrain. Settings on ultra

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loaded random flight

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ryzen 5900 3080ti

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latest world update {10}

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That was reported awhile back. The tiles don’t quite line up.

Edit: Sorry, didn’t see the pilars until after I read the bug report. I thought you meant the lines in the water.

Those pillars are trees. It’s just bad photogrammetry implementation, not sure that there’s anything that can be done about it.

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OK, appreciate the reply. I wont tear my install apart just yet then.

Turn off photogrammetry… Just kidding.

Yes, Stardrifter2232 has the answer. In Southern California, that’s how photogrammetry renders the tall palm trees lining the streets - pillars everywhere. And then there’s the nicely rendered leafy trees growing out of buildings and in the middle of streets, but that’s a separate photogrammetry issue also already reported.


Thanks again all, was pulling whats left of my hair out. the area looks beautiful, aside from the pillars.