New update broke the game

Hi everyone I’m a newbie here so go gentle!

I’ve had the sim since it’s come out and yes it had its flaws however it seems to have been fixed with multiple patches over time and I’ve been really enjoying the sim so far!

however as of yesterday’s update patch I surely cannot be the only person who’s having the issues that I’m going to describe below.
The sim is now totally unplayable!

My normal VFR / IFR routes using the Airbus no longer works , even setting new ones.
The Airbus takes off etc I go to activate autopilot and boom that’s where the issues happen ,the aircraft constantly banks to the right and won’t follow any heading given or nav selection either. It’s constantly doing a 360 at 300knotts ( yes speed doesn’t work either it’s constantly throttling up stuck at 100% )

This however isn’t the worst thing …
I feel sorry for my passengers especially since the air crash then decides to do a nosedive no matter how many times you select to increase the altitude it registers you’ve selected it but it just nosedives and that’s it so basically I’ve got a Airbus a320 nose diving over speed and doing cartwheels over Heathrow.
Funny for some but not so great when I fancy it to work :relaxed:

Secondly the Japan discovery tour …
Similar issues with the beachcraft.
Won’t hold any given alitiude just wants to go down constantly and has difficulty in turning and following route maps.

A couple of times ATC has also told me my transponder isn’t working as I’m not squaking… Even though I am.

I’ve tried everything to fix the game I can think of I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it which was a painstaking process because when I did that the first time around it decided not to install any aircraft.

Surely they can’t constantly keep breaking it with updates if so I feel like I want to give up now and leave it removed.

Sorry for the long winded rant in advance.


sorry but I am unable to help you. Just wanted to say that the update broke my a320, too :slightly_frowning_face:

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yes, And Downgrade too, graphics looks low now , without Antialiasing reflection, water… etc.

no comments. incredible.

Same here happens after about 1 hour plane banks sharply and AP goes crazy, decided to switch to the 787 and again same thing happens !!! Not tried the 747 yet however guessing it’s going to do the same thing.

Really got to question how much work is put into testing the updates.

Literally mine is as soon as I take off in the A3 20 and set the autopilot things go absolutely haywire, I’ve noticed that when you take off though the aircraft will swing violently to the right even if there is no wind shear so I think the game dynamics have been played with a bit too much.

it’s a total shame they really need to start testing these updates before they release them to the general public so far with both patch updates I’ve seen this is not the case it just feels very rushed.

Also the envious crashing back to the desktop on certain airports is back.
Can’t visit rejavik Iceland or new York