New update has completely stuffed my flight controls! Need Help


I used to think I was fairly knowledgeable - but today I found out I was not!

I have a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke & Throttle Quad and a set of Logitech Rudder pedals, all recognised in MSFS. Before the latest update, they all worked. Very super sensitive, but they worked and I could fly the C172 Classic reasonably well.

Now after the update, my controls SNAP all over the place and my rudder wobbles and flutters - I cannot get any control!

I have looked at a few tutorials and videos but cannot understand how to get my controls back! How to map the controls to the Sim I’m totally flumoxed!! In P3D I use FSUIPC to map my controls - easy.

But now in MSFS, I’m totally lost!

Can anyone take me through a step-by-step on how to regain my flight controls?

I would really appreciate solme help. Thank you to anyone who can assist me.



Check you sensitivity settings again. They changes the settings options for the sensivity…

I have the same thing happening, almost no control and I changed the sensitivity settings, no difference. Im thinking I’ll try the settings in the config and her is where I go
pick the aircraft you want then click on it ,then click aircraft,then click on Sim Objects, then click on Airplanes ,then click on the aircraft that shows, scroll down and find “flight Model” ,then scroll down in flight model till you find "flight tuning. the is where you can change the settings to increase or decrease the stability. Always make a back up of the flight model folder, rename flight model folder . I call mine flight model original and place a copy of it into the same folder as flight model is in this works for me until the last update yesterday so now Im going back into here to see if I can fix the flight stability so it does not snap and jerk

Perhaps search for the multiple threads on the same topic.

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