New update has honking noises

After update install, fs2020 is making random honking noises. No other changes made. Reduced all my performance settings in fs2020 and rebooted pc. Same random honking (low frequency) noises. Sort of like my pc is farting! I get one about every 5 minutes or so. Tried different standard aircraft with same results. ??? Only happens when flight sim window is active and running a flight.

have you checked the temps?

Which temps ?

Did your aircraft engine digest a goose? :grin:

Is the sound coming from the motherboard speaker or external?

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GPU temperature.

or isit the disc version of the sim and your disc is warped or disc drive is knackered.

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Definitely from speakers… short 1/10th of a second. Once every 5 minutes

Temps were monitored and good but I still detuned the fs2020 settings and removed all “Ultra” settings and changed to “High”. Still honks but only while fs window is active and flying a flight ?? I’m going to try and turn off my Asus GTX980ti overclocking app and see if it is honking as some kind of warning. I’ll let you know…it sort of reminds of “chaseplane” in FSX when it repeatedly dings prior to the system running out of memory and FSX crashes. It is a Steam install on an SSD drive so no “mechanical” noise issues.

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Record a video and post it.

I’ll have to do it with my cell phone as I don’t have any video capture software installed on this pc. Trying to keep it as clean as possible.

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Honking? like they installed horns on the aircraft?

Very good to tell other aircrafts to move away if you’re in a hurry to the runway or to the gate.

If you have an Nvidia GeForce GPU, you have a built in video capture software as part of the graphics driver.

Almost certainly the GPU. My 1080 does this, and when I first noticed it I thought it was wind being sucked through a crack in a nearby window, as it was gusty outside. It turns out the two fans run at a steady speed, then every few seconds accelerate to a much higher speed for a couple of seconds.

MSFS is the only program I have that makes it do this.

hmmm… but he mentioned

I would say we need a record of this… but, on other side… If I read the word overcloacking, all is possible.

( overcloacking the graphicscard bring really nothing, compared with the possible resulting issues. In special the TI variants, which mostly already overcloacked my manufactor )

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