New update is live on Xbox - World Update VI

Updating now on the Xbox 7.43gb

Nothing on PC…

Same here. No joy on the PC.

Yep, nothing on PC

Update available on MS Store !
2.67GiB update when launching MSFS

Same in France !

Yeeaaaahh - nah… nothing here (PC)

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Downloading now on xbox. 7.44gb

In-Game says Update in MS Store available, however MS Stores shows no update as of now (Germany).

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Yep same here

restart the pc and you’ll find it
508mb + 2.67gb

Thanks FBTuz. Still waiting on my end. Should be soon.

Same for me

Official post here with polls :

PC updating since 10 Minutes (Windows Store)

Nothing on Steam so far, as usual I guess

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