New Update Naming system ? What is Update #7?

The whole Update naming seems to have got “Unclear”

We had update 1 - 6 .
We see Mods talk about update 7, but what is Update 7 ??

I get the impression that the “Update n” naming is getting changed after Update 6, and now are being called Sim-Updates ?

ie next Update is Sim-Update #3 12/22 , and the naming convention of Update #n has now been abandoned ??

If so, Please stop referring to Update #7 its totally confusing to newer users and anyone else who has not specifically figured it out.

I could find no information on the above, anywhere in the forum… if it does exist, it is well hidden.

If there is indeed no “Update 7” as it has been renamed, maybe a Mod could go through all MOD posts referring to Update 7 and edit them to read Sim-Update #3

Yeah it’s all very unclear. We have updates which are not updates, but information releases with no software or data changes. And sim updates, world updates, etc.

These guys are brilliant at scenery/environment programming, but dispersal of information in a clear, unambigious way is not their forte.

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Update 7 is the World Update US, which has already been released.
Asobo is now slowing down the release since they don’t have to rush bug fix as much, so from now we will have monthly updates (instead of bi-weekly) that alternate between Sim Update and World Update (so something like Sim Update 2, World Update 3, Sim Update 3, etc.) Sim Update are bigger than the ones we are getting for a while now and would likely contains new features (next one is VR). World Updates are the ones we got with Japan and US, so you already know what to expect.

Forgive me for being obtuse, but why do we care what number?
If the updates were optional, or if it was incumbent upon the user to go find the update, download it and install it then it would definitely be important to have a consistent numbering system. However in this case, everybody is on the same version. We don’t even need to keep track of what version we are on. You start the sim and it says you need to update. You do the update or you don’t run the sim. You can’t decide to roll back to a previous version. You don’t keep an archive folder on your system to go back to if you need to re-install.

A version numbering system is entirely redundant in this environment. The server checks your version and it is either up to date or it isn’t and forces the update before the sim will run. Done.


Forgive me for being obtuse, but why do we care what number?

Correct – YOU don’t care – you just load and play.

But for anyone working on Development of Addons or Mods, knowing what got updated and when is of primary importance.

For anyone having problems with MSFS, knowing what got updated, and when, is also of help to them in determining what their issues are and if they have already been addressed.

So, YES, it does matter – to those it matters to


Wrong. I do care WHAT is updated. A proper changelog is a must. I was merely querying why the numbering is an issue when they are sequential and implementation is forced. I agree we need to be able to understand what each update has done but that can easily be maintained with a date stamped changelog.

I don’t remember attacking, or making any assumptions about your motivations. I remember asking for a clarification, and begging your forgiveness for asking.

You are 100% right … and this is why I started this Topic… and have spent the past 2 hours, searching the forum, putting together a Detailed Change log for all the versions so far, to try to make some logical sense of it all,

The the numbering is an issue because it is that numbering that identified the Update, and when that is not consistent or defined, then associating a change log is difficult, because it is not clear what Change (Number update) it applies to.

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Update 7 was the last big World Update a few weeks ago. And yes, it is a bit confusing as the team has recently decided to change the naming convention moving forward as we are changing our cadence of release. The numbers moving forward will be what you see in the Feedback Snapshot and Development Roadmaps:

The next Update is Sim Update #2.


It would be nice if each update would also include a simple txt file with a running changelog. Just overwrite the old one each time. Something advanced users could refer back to. I would find it useful for troubleshooting various hardware issues that crop up now and then.


I assume you mean “update” when you say overwrite … ie ADD to as opposed to replace.

Actually I was thinking in terms of Asobo adding the new info to their changelog and have the chglog.txt file a part of the update as a new updated file. That way there is just one file not one file for each update.

Exactly – and even if its gets to be a 100 page file, it will be tiny compared with the multi GB update !!

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