New update NZ Mesh

With last Orbx Nz Mesh update, today, all is working properly.
Now we can wait same for Orbx Himalaya Mesh and Alaska Mesh.
Cheers for all.


Thanks for the update. I have not yet bought the NZ mesh but have heard good things about it and it is on my list of possible purchases.

Cheers and good to see that ORBX are looking after their customers :slightly_smiling_face:

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The upgraded mesh around Queenstown looks fantastic… going to check out the other upgraded areas now. Good job Orbx!

Patch notes:-

LiDAR sources used for Marlborough, Canterbury Banks Peninsula, Auckland, Westport, Wellington and Queenstown areas

Compatibility for Sim Update 9 changes

D’Urville Island now included

At the time of this release, our Landmarks Auckland City product still requires some additional minor tweaks to cater for the new LiDAR sources and we will advice when that has been updated.

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I use the Aotearoa vegetation mod as well as the Orbx mesh, no conflicts so far but will keep an eye out.

That´s very good news, thx for that :slight_smile:
Is there any ETA on the marketplace version yet?
Best, Björn

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