New update Prop and Mixture Problems

Latest World Update 4 causing a problem when in FLY mode with engine running and prop and mixture setting on high, if you ESC out to go to a settings and then back again the prop and mixture setting go back to idle.

EDIT by SimAirFlyer - It seems that MSFS/ASOBO are aware of this issue as seen in their FAQ Known Issues:


  • On rare occasions during a flight, the position of axes will reset to 50% after exiting the Pause Menu.
    Workaround:Head to Options > Controls then click the Sensitivity button above the Search & Filters panel to display the device sensitivity options and adjust the position of your device’s axes. We are currently investigating this issue and it will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

This is indeed a known issue. As such, I am closing this thread. Thank you for pointing it out.