New Update - Release Notes (July 20, 2022)

A new update ( will be available soon for all Sim Update 10 Beta testers. We expect this update to release at approximately noon PT (1900Z) on July 20.

General Bug Fixes

  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title
  • Improved support for mdl based packages that lead to a crash (when using AIG for example)
  • Ongoing memory optimizations
  • Fixed some graphical corruptions in DX12 with overlapping aprons. Other DX12 graphical issues still remain and are being investigated
  • Fixed an elevation issue on a bridge at KDFW airport that crashed the plane
  • Fixed elevation data spikes at several POIs for the Patagonia bush trip
  • Fixed touchscreen instruments in external window that could no longer be interacted with
  • Fixed randomly altered UI colors when Low Power mode is enabled
  • Fixed Low Power mode blurry background in Tutorials
  • DevMode is now available when Low Power mode is enabled
  • Fixed Low Power mode blurry background in Marketplace and Activities
  • Fixed low frame rate when minimizing any window other than the main one
  • Fixed ASOBO_material_disable_motion_blur glTF extension checks
  • Fixed weather radar rendering issues on Xbox
  • Changes made in the Material Editor are now immediately applied to already spawned Visual Effect instances
  • Fixed a bug where VR would not start if VR mask is disabled
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the audio panel from emitting the morse code of Nav frequencies
  • Changed the Behavior of SIMVAR_FUELSYSTEM_TANK_WEIGHT and SIMVAR_FUELSYSTEM_TANK_QUANTITY’s VarSet, so that when the Fuel Version is set to 2+, they use the index of the tank rather than the TANK_XXXXX values
  • SimConnect_SubscribeToFacilities now sends more than one message in case of vor, ndb and waypoint
  • Added SimConnect_SubscribeToFacilities_EX1, SimConnect_UnsubscribeToFacilities_EX1 and SimConnect_RequestFacilitesList_EX1. Check documentation for more information
  • SimConnect_RequestFacilityData now uses region to identify vors, ndbs and waypoints
  • Fixed closed airport and onlyAddIfReplace flags in worldmap
  • Fixed duplicated object in scenery object list
  • Fixed DeleteAllILS Command, DeleteAllTerminalWaypoints and DeleteAllTerminalNDB that aren’t using the correct coordinate
  • Fixed an issue that was causing unchangeable CDI mode in 2nd and 3rd party planes with the GNS430 and GNS530
  • Fixed an issue where the COM radio could become untunable after being tuned to an invalid 8.33khz channel via the ATC window


  • Fixed issue where scrollbar would erroneously not appear when facility details pane was longer than display
  • Fixed issue where map zoom level was not remembered when reopening map
  • Fixed issue where waypoint icons would not appear when using external flight plan system
  • Fixed an issue where the own airplane icon could appear underneath the navaid icons and labels instead of above them
  • Added current range legend to bottom left map corner
  • Added radio ident and localizer course to airport ILS/LOC details in facility details panel

G1000 NXi:

  • Fixed issue where VPATH would fail to re-arm upon reach bottom-of-descent or a level leg
  • Fixed issue where VNAV edited altitude would be ignored if it was defined on the destination airport leg
  • Fixed issues showing the bearing pointers when selected at startup
  • Fixed incorrectly setting to/from flag based on heading when in MANSEQ leg
  • Bearing pointers should now hide correctly when showing LOC or turning pointers off
  • Bearing pointers should now hide arrow when switching frequencies to an invalid nav source
  • Fixed issue where bearing and CDI labels did not properly switch when changing frequency
  • Fixed various other edge cases with arrows/labels showing/not showing when a frequency is swapped
  • Fixed an issue where starting to edit an altitude and then leaving the page or disabling cursor would leave editing in an undefined state
  • Fixed numerous issues that caused the flight plan to activate the incorrect leg when using Travel To
  • Fixed an unlucky race condition that could result in a direct-to causing the leg to activate as opposed to going direct-to
  • After receiving community feedback, flight plans will now be loaded during bush trips in the G1000 NXi

Friendly reminder to everyone participating in the beta:

If you previously created a thread to report an issue, please check to see if it is resolved or still occurring in build (especially if it is listed in the patch notes above) and update your report accordingly.