New Update - Release Notes (August 4, 2022)

A new beta build is now available on all platforms. New polls are available here.

General Bug Fixes

  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title
  • Fixed a CTD caused by JS intercepting a key event after registering for the same key event interception more than once in a single instrument
  • Fixed crash when setting low altitude airways on the world map after updating packages
  • Disabled DX12 memory manager optimization on NVIDIA GPUs due to graphical corruption issues
  • Fixed a scenario where aprons can be missing after launching a flight
  • Fixed a scenario where haze layer could show up abruptly
  • Fixed tiles of grass sometimes appearing on asphalt surface
  • Drone camera speed increased to 200 by default
  • Toggling Taxi Ribbon no longer closes ATC window
  • NavBlue - Update to AIRAC 2208
  • Fixed a scenario where VR would not render if HDR was enabled in OS
  • Fixed panel issue in DA-62 where Display Backup button was not functioning


  • Fixed tools compatibility issues with 3D Studio Max 2022
  • Fixed occasional CFG serialization failures in Aircraft Editor
  • Fixed random crashes when using the BehaviourDebug window
  • Fixed visual effect not reacting accordingly when live editing a graph
  • “-showFramerate” and “-showFramerateMini” command-line options now allow for displaying the FPS panel without need for the DevMode

VFR Map:

  • Resizing the VFR map should no longer induce a CTD

G1000 NXi:

  • Fixed bearing pointers not properly synchronizing with the external HUD overlay
  • Fixed issue where direct-to could erroneously use turn direction of target leg instead of picking shortest possible turn