New update to load

Would you tell me , please, if it is the repertory " community" or only the files in it, what is package, when there is a new update to load, that i’ve to put elsewhere ?

the whole folder ‘community’. Drag it to desktop or somewhere safe, update and then drag it back (overwriting if needed).

You don’t need to, but it’s good practice. I personally left the community folder intact and had no problems.

OK, but how to update it, if it is on the desktop, because if I well understand, what it is laded goes in the repertory “official” ?

Excuse me, I made a typo in my mail. I would say: where is going that it has been loaded in the repertory “official” . Thank you.

Decidedly, that’s not what I want to say !
I say: where is going that it ha been loaded? is it in the repertory “official” ?

I always empty mine before an update as a sanity check and do my first flight with nothing to ensure all is well. After I confirmed that, I added all my mods back in, and they all seemed to be working fine.

I’m not sure what you are asking due to the language barrier.

Are you asking about third party content (that you downloaded from third party websites)? I think so …

The point is to remove the ‘community’ folder from the simulator folder while you are updating.

Once the sim has completed updating then you should test it works. If it works then put the ‘community’ folder back into the main simulator folder.

The update does not write or modify the community folder. No ‘official’ (MS/Asobo or Marketplace) content is stored in the commity folder. The community folder is for addons from third party developers.

Some community/third party addons can break the update process - this is why it is a good idea to remove ‘community’ before updating.

The ‘official’ repostitory (folder) WILL get updated during the update process - you should not install anything into the ‘official’ folder - this is for MS/Asobo official content only.

So, if you download an addon only put it in the ‘community’ folder. Never put addons you download anywhere other than ‘community’.

Hope this reply helps get past the language barrier :wink:

That’s OK, I’ve perfectly understood. The problem was that it’s the result of mistyping my asking; excuse me for that. The problem is: one person tells me that I’ve to put off the repertory “community” to put it on the desktop. Well. Another person tells me : it’s not necessary to move the repertory, there is no problem.
What is the best solution ?
In fact, it’s because I receive this morning, from Microsoft, a new folder of 29 gigabytes to load.

Problem after complete installation of new update from MFSF/
Yesterday night, this update of 25,49 GiB ended at 22 o’clock.
I see at the bottom left of the screen, the mention “complete installation”, and at the bottom right "

Problème après l’installation complète de la nouvelle mise à jour de MFSF /
Hier soir, cette mise à jour de 25,49 Gio s’est terminée à 22 heures.
Je vois en bas à gauche de l’écran, la mention “installation complète”, et en bas à droite “continue”.
This morning, the same screen is yet present.
What have I to do ?
Either to wait yet or to quit the game and restart it, after to have put again in place, the repertory “coommunity” ?
What is your verdict ?

I precise, that the button “continue” is inactive.

Best solution is to remove community folder this is recommended by Asobo.

Best to avoid problems :wink:

I would restart the game and reboot the PC and try again.

If the game works (after update) then move your community repository back in place.

OK, thank you; that’s what I 've done, without any problem.

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