New Update - Xbox Live Multiplayer Privilege Setting?

Hi all,
since the recent major update, when I click on “Flight Conditions” all of my 3 x Multiplayer options are greyed out and it says “Other players will not be visible due to your current Xbox Live multiplayer privilege setting.”

I play via Steam Games on my PC , not on an Xbox, but I did have to set up an Xbox Live Account.
Can someone please advise exactly what settings have to be changed within the Xbox Live account so that the multiplayer settings in MSFS 2020 become available again?

The current settings I can see in the Xbox Live Account are;

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Try setting “Others can communicate with voice, text or invites” to everyone.

I loaded MSFS up and opened my Xbox account on a browser. I then started making changes to my permissions, Submitting the setting, then going back to MSFS and clicking on the Multiplayer settings again. It seems MSFS checks your account online at that time and if your settings are OK it will unlock the MP options. For me, it was setting “Others can communicate with voice, text or invites” to everyone that unlocked the MP settings.


This worked for me too - may thanks. :+1:

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