New virtual desktop technology shifts interpolation load from PC to Quest 2

FYI there is a new release of virtual desktop which offers to move the workload of frame interpolation from the PC to the headset for a performance boost which is always welcome in MSFS.

I haven’t been able to test it yet but there are more details here:


I’m testing this ASAP. However if it can’t lock down to 18hz I’m not sure it’s going to actually be better for MSFS. We’ll see

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Tested it at 60fps force on SSW. It was ok but I think 18hz ASW is still the best option available. The SSW Doesn’t feel as smooth to me as ASW

The dev confirmed that for now it will only lock to 50% refresh rate so maybe it will currently only be helpful for those who can reach 30 or 36fps… Hopefully he is able to lock it lower in future updates as apparently it is a big improvement on regular ASW

Yep, I saw this too here:

It sound magical, but really promising!

edit : it come from the same video in fact, just saw that

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It’s also pretty wobbly in FS2020. But not as bad as with ASW. And you’re right, if the framerate drops below 30, it’s not useful. So, I hope also that this well be improved in the future. But it’s a good step forward.