New WMR update for Reverb G2

Check this out! Some improvements for the G2👍🏽


That’s cool, I missed this. I’ll give the G2 a spin this weekend!

Anyone test this out yet?

Nice, notice any improvements? Just installed it and about to try it

I can’t see any recent update on this link, can you screenshot what you saw please?

I updated through the standard windows update

What an update, I might be reading wrong, but I see this article is dated 15/09/2020

Clearly not read through! If you scrolled down and look carefully you will find the March 2021 update. There is no deep link to it. You just need to look closely

I am reassured that I am not the only one.
I am reading WMR update, I am looking for WMR update.
Anyway, I’ll thank you, for the information.

If I test this update, it will be on a new, separate install of Windows 10. I’m almost troubleshooting CTD problems with the G2, so I’m not going to cause more harm than good on this Windows.

Here’s the link to the 23 March WMR driver update



File Name:

Date Published:


File Size:

6.4 MB

It’s the actual old one

I installed this at the same time as the FS patch and now I don’t know how much each of the two is contributing to thevhuge performance improvement! First world problems…

Not sure. But it was released on that microsoft page on the 23rd of March anyway. Also, I have the latest version of Windows, but I didn’t have this driver update installed. I had the previous version. So, I installed it. Nothing harmful happened :slight_smile: So I advice anyone using WMR to check their driver version and maybe this will be an upgrade for you - or mayb not :slight_smile:

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