New Xbox Series X Footage

Please show us new Xbox Series X footage

I guess it will not look that much different than footage on a PC :wink:

Additionally I’d like to see how they plan to have you control everything in the plane, since in theory you don’t have a keyboard + mouse on the Xbox

That’s why everything in the cockpit is interactable :wink:

You will control it with a keyboard and mouse just like the pc. Also they will have support for the honeycomb controllers via a interface box I belive.

I doubt that, atleast not on ultra. But it depends on the framerate they are aiming for. I think they will aim for 30FPS and try to achieve good graphics. However, we dont know what they were able to achieve with optimisation and DX12 and stuff. But i dont expect wonders.

But it would be great if they could improve the performance alot and are able to port this eachievements to PC. Lets see, it is interesting tho :slight_smile:

I honestly still cant really imagine how someone would be able to use the CRJ, Navigraph AIRAC and stuff like this on a console. I guess the console-version will be pretty limited when it comes to 3rd party software, it will probalbly only able to use AddOns from the marketplace. Good luck getting Spad.Next, Navigraph, custom liveries and mods from and lots of other addons to work on a console.

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If they are preparing new footage, they’ll probably want to save it for E3 2021.

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i agree with you, let just wait for E3 for the Series X footage next month (I’m planning to get the Series X as well)

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