NEW YouTube channel tutorial suggestions/ideas/discussion

Hey folks - Happy New Year one and all!

This is just a quick 'lil thread to discuss YouTube tutorials for MSFS. I’m about to upload my fourth video on Easy MSFS Tutorials, and so far the feedback has been pretty positive.

Nonetheless, I’m keen to hear what is most helpful for people! What do you look for in tutorials? Do you want things written out in the description? Are you keen on subtitles so you can keep the sound off? Rather the video goes slower and longer, or faster and therefore quicker? Any ideas, views, suggestions, bug bears, annoyances, etc are v welcome!

Thanks all, and happy flying!

something about gps 530 \ 430, I know it, but some don’t.

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In the 430, holding down CLR is supposed to return you to the map, right?

For some reason that’s not working for me in the DC6 implementation of the 430. Here, it starts me off on a non-map screen and can’t get to the map.

Any tips on how to get to that map screen? I’ve done it in the 530 (in different planes), but in the DC6 the 430 just seems stuck on every screen type except the map!

That’s interesting - I haven’t tried that on DC6. Definitely keen to do a 430 tutorial though.