New Zealand Bush Trip Please.

Would like if a New Zealand Bush trip was done. Start location Milford Sound. Finish Auckland or furthest north airport.

There is a Voyager package from FS Academy you can buy on SimMarket. It has a New Zealand Discovery Flight as one of the 7 flights. It’s not integrated as a Bush Trip, but it’s a carefully crafted PLN file with a PDF of descriptions point-by-point and landing airports along the way.

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Thanks Jeremy. Will check it out. Have you done yourself?

Yeah, it’s amazing! The other 6 trips are too! Again, they aren’t proper Bush Trips in terms of being integrated into the sim, and you basically HAVE TO complete the trip in one day - the saving function currently causes the loss of all the route plans in the Garmin module, so if you have 4-5 hours, that’s the time to do it… Otherwise, just put the laptop to sleep with the sim running and the aircraft parked at one of the stops and return to it when you can.

You get to choose your own weather this way, though, and I flew all the trips in live weather - The Alps trip was challenging as it was really crappy there at the time I flew it, practically zero visibility in mountainous terrain, etc… But the trips are METICULOUSLY planned and written. The whole package is 10 euros, so it’s cheap… It’s worth it. The developer said he has plans to convert them into Bush Trips at some point, though, it’s unknown when… But like I said, even as it stands right now, it’s worth it.

6 years ago, not long after my PPL, we did a this kind of flight with 5 C172 flying in formation, it was awesome. We never went above 3000-4000 feet.

The route was AR - PP - NS - HK - WF - QN

Milford sound was 2 days later.

So you can reverse it