New Zealand South Island Tour

Hi guys,

i have started a tour of the New Zealand South Island. Plenty of small airfields and incredible scenery. I am planning to fly the Cessna Caravan for the entire trip.

I‘ll be collecting the video journals of the several legs in this post and give some smaller updates to every leg in the thread below.

If any of you guys have a great suggestion what to check on on the NZ-SI, than please share it with me!

Hope you enjoy it as much as i do! I‘ll see you in the skies!


P.s. If any of you would like to fly a leg together, just send me a PM, this sure would be fun!

Leg 01 - From Wellington To Picton

Leg 02 - From Picton To Nelson

Leg 03 - From Nelson To Takaka

Leg 04 - From Takaka To Karamea


Nice. Welcome to my home turf (well, ok, so my home turf is actually the lower North Island but whatever, close enough lol).

When you’ve done with the tour first time round, you should throw on real world weather and do it again! :rofl:

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South Island tour… starts in NZWN :thinking:

Well in fairness to you, Wellington is further south than the top of Golden Bay :smiley: What other legs have you planned so far?

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Thanks mate. I am planning to use real weather. But for the last to flights it would have been overcast with fog, so I real life I would not even take off.

But I am looking forward to the weather on the west coast. When I was there we had some pretty rough and windy days.

Yeah I know, but I wanted to start the tour by actually flying over to the South Island. Approaching the sounds is sich a nice view.

Plus, I flew that trip 10 years ago in real life, also in a Caravan, and i remember the Picton approach as a real interesting one, as it is so surrounded by the mountains.

I am planning to go south on the west-coast, check out the pancake rocks and follow the coast until the fjordlands.

I wanna stop over in Milford and make my way further south to Te-Anau and maybe towards Stewart Island.

I’d the be going back north on the other side of the alps.

You got and tips?


Pop over to Mandeville, a nice grass strip with an aviation museum and a nice restaurant that serves awesome blue code. It is just a short hop from NZNV and NZRC.

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Don’t bother with Milford Sound. Very very disappointing. One of the first I did after download. What a waste of time. The cliffs are all wrong, they have trees coming out 90 degrees along the entire cliff, there’s big holes where the graphics don’t join up and you can see through in the distance. Yuck. I wasted 30 minutes flying flown Queenstown to get there


From Woodbourne (NZWB), fly roughly west up the Wairau valley to Lakes Station (NZLE), then proceed via the Murchison and the Buller River gorge out to the west coast, near the town of Westport (NZWS). From there you could follow the coastline south to Milford Sound popping up the glaciers as you go, or head north and follow the coastline around to Nelson. Fantastic Cross-country both in the sim and in real life.

Also pretty much anywhere in Fiordland (SW coast of the lower South Island) is spectacular. So unpopulated you feel like you’re the only person on earth.

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Yeah, I love that area. I was lucky enough to be working on some IT infrastructure for the Deep Cove area last year, so I got a couple of free trips out there.

ps. we need some Keas in this game in the Southern Alps.

If you go down the West Coast, do a short detour at Greymouth, inland to Gloriavale airfield.

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Really? I was looking forward to it. It’s one of the most stunning locations I have ever been in my life.

Hopefully Orbx will provide their very good NZ coverage also to MFS 2020 to fill in the spaces that lack detail.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Thanks for all the tips guys! I’ll try to check them all out.

I have just edited the third led of this tour, this time I am checking out the Golden Bay area.

I hope you like it as much as i did.


Such a beautiful place. My family went camping there for 40 years.

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Excellent tour! Thanks for the recommendation!

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Wow, that’s a long time! Sure is worth it!

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Hi fellow Sim-Pilots,

I wanted to share the fourth leg Leg from my New Zealand South Island Tour. I am leaving the Golden Bay area and head towards the stormy west side of the island. This flight will lead me over the mountain range of the Kahurangi National Park.

I am using live weather as always, and I am taking off into a wonderful evening sky only to find the weather of the west side much worse. Heavy clouds, strong winds and no light bring me into a very dangerous situation.

As my Cessna Caravan has to stay grounded due to technical problems, I was provided a Diamond DA40 TDI which I will use until Queenstown. There I will switch into a 172SP.

The Diamond is a great GA aircraft with great visibility from the cockpit. Wonderful for VFR flights, bit maybe not the best for heavy weather.

Hope you enjoy it,


P.s. From here I’ll fly to Westport Airfield … looking forward to landing right next to the shoreline.

Also spending some time flying around the southern island.
I’m enjoying the sights, but I can’t seem to the the NAV gauges to work. For instance, trying HK VOR 117.5, spawning in the air above it, the NAV gauges remains inactive. Tried in the Cessna 152 and the Robin DR400. I can get the avionics working in e.g. south of France, so I don’t think it’s me, but being a newcomer to FS2020, and without real-life experience of flying, I could be wrong.