Newbie Question re Flight Sim 2020

Hi Everyone, I have not used a windows Pc in years and I have an xbox one. I really want to get the new flight simulator but I am torn between getting it for xbox one or buying a PC. Is there a big difference between the PC and XBOX version and if so what is it and what would you recommend? Should I wait for series X?

Thanks in advance

MSFS 2020 is not released on Xbox yet, possibly waiting for the Series X to be released.

if you buy it on microsoft store you have both as this is a “play anywhere” title

I am a noob too but pc is better for this type of game since you have more peripherals options and more options for 3rd party stuff
Like rn you need to add community livery manually

FS2020 is a demanding program. My PC has some horse power with AMD 3300X CPU and Nvidia 1660 Super graphics card. If you do not like PC wait for the new Xbox model “Xbox X” in November 2020. The new consoles have a lot of horse power and are internally very PC like. It is easy for Microsoft to produce for PC and the new Xbox. Forget the old Xbox.