Newbie question

So I am completely new and would like to try the FlightSim.
With all supply chain issues there are no joysticks, etc to be bought anywhere.
Am I OK to learn using just keyboard or will that be too difficult for a newbie?
Thoughts are appreciated.

I tried using the keyboard, it is challenging. Try buying an XBox controller though (bought mine for under $40 canadian), works a whooole lot better!

can I connect XBOX controller to my PC?

Yes, very easily so. Plug and play these days. Make sure to buy the USB one and that its compatible for PC’s!

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With mouse and keyboard, you’ll find it unplayable.
My advice would be to use at least a XBOX controller, which is compatible with the sim. Use also the $1 XBOX game pass trial if you’re not sure you’ll like the game.

You can use a wireless controller if your PC has bluetooth. But the USB are cheaper.

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USB’s are cheaper! College budget! :joy: :rofl:

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Cool just got the game…
now I need to get the XBOX controller from downstairs!
Game on!

You can’t play this “game” properly with an xbox controller keyboard and mouse, you need the gear as well!

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does anyone know where I can get gear right now? I am struggling to find it…

All sold out! I have the T.16000m Hotas system on Amazon pinned on my browser! lol I check it everyday.

For a few days there was one being sold (3rd party) for close to $400. Somebody really wanted it as it’s gone just today! There’s one more left being sold (3rd party) at a little over $500. Waaay too much for me.

The local store nearest me (2 hours away in Winnipeg) are selling them for $209 but wont get them until October. :confused:

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Just buy ebay second hand stick, throttle and pedals for now until all this crazy Ness settles down lol

ThrustMaster-2960778-Thrustmaster-T16000M-HOTAS on Amazon for 270 usd

ya, for the time being… my controller works just fine so i can hold off on the Hotas purchase. I just upgraded my monitor too soooo :joy: and I’m wanting to sign up to OnAir for the career mode

The new Xbox one controllers use micro-USB so even the wireless ones will work with your PC wired in that way or you can get a wireless dongle. I don’t know if they fixed the bug that the client would crash is used wireless and it went to sleep (think the bug was if you unplug a USB device).

That said, a wireless xbox 1 controller will work with windows 10 no problem. I haven’t tried to play FS2020 on a PS4 controller but those can also connect to a PC with micro-usb.

As for flight controllers, seems some of them are starting to ramp production back up and are expected in the next 1-2 months if you backorder soon. That said, second-hand is a personal choice. I’m eager to play but I’m not spending double to save myself a two month wait—just got in my pre-orders for the Honeycomb Alpha yoke (expected 2 months), Bravo throttle (unsure, probably 2 months as well), and a pair of Saitek pedals (next month sometime).

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i pulled the trigger on one…should get it next week.
you only live once!

■■■■, okay im jealous! :joy: :rofl: Happy for you though! Let us know how it plays with the hotas!

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Oh, I forgot to mention, the xbox 1 controllers should have axis inputs on the triggers (at least it does in driving games and in windows). I have not gotten this to work in FS2020 and the triggers have only been usable as buttons which is not ideal for rudder controls. If anyone here has gotten that axis to work properly in FS2020, please mention how.

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Look for used joysticks. I orinigally didn’t intend to buy one because I thought keyboard would be fine, but then I just looked for used ones and found one for a really good price in great condition. (I’m not sure why people are selling their joysticks now that FS2020 has come out but oh well.)