Newly added livery doesn't show up?

I downloaded the mega livery pack for a320neo from:

all the liveries shows up normally… but when I download a new livery and copy the texture folder to the to the path for livery textures in the community folder, it doesn’t show up… did I do it wrong? and how to add a new livery to an existing package correctly? or is the problem exist in the livery file itself?
BTW, the livery I added was this one:

Did you copy the entire “A320 Neo Kuwait Airways” folder to the community folder, or just the ‘texture’ folder?
The harder way to do it would be to copy only the ‘texture.kac’ folder to the ‘community/liveries-a320/SimObjects/Airplanes/Asobo_A320_NEO/’ folder and then add the lines to the aircraft.cfg file. By “lines I mean” there is an aircraft.cfg file located in the texture pack you downloaded - you would copy the last entry ([FLTSIM.4]) to your aircraft.cfg file and change the “4” to the next number.
Hope this doesn’t confuse you.

ah, I see… so you need to edit aircraft.cfg everytime I add a new livery? just like fsx was.

Thank you very much!!

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Update… I sucessfully added the texture, but erhhh… it became something like this:

You need to add the livery in the json file, too!

Still reinstalling the SIM - I’ll try to add it and see what happens. You could try it both ways. Putting the whole folder in the community folder or just the texture folder – Still trying to get the premium content show up on my end.

Not sure what I did - I tinkered with the aircraft.cfg file. At first I got YOUR result, but after modifying the aircraft.cfg file again and restarting it it showed up.

Thank you everyone!!
the problem already solved by adding the lines in aircraft.cfg file and copying the whole folder not only the texture…

Thank you so much!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: