News Letters via E-mail

I wish there was Monthly weekly Informational on what’s going on so I don’t miss anything and a way to mange it in the website profiles

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Hi there,
Regarding this old request, a development update is released every week. There are a couple of ways you can subscribe to it:

  1. Every development update is tagged #dev-update. You can click on that link and then click on the :bell: icon and choose “Watching First Post”. Then, you will get notified every time there is a blog post.
  2. You can also go to News and Announcements and click the :bell: icon there and choose “Watching First Post” and also be notified for any kind of announcement. This second option will give you more notifications than the first one.

With either of these settings, unless you receive a lot of emails from the forum every day and hit the maximum limit, you should get an email for these notifications.

I hope this helps. I will close this request in a few weeks if I do not hear a response.