Next marketplace update?

Hi guys,

apologies for the impatience. Any idea when or how often the marketplace gets updated?

Thanks a lot

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In the last Development Update they mentioned a few new products and updates. In the week before Development Update, they specifically stated this:

We have now over 800 applications to our in-sim marketplace and have approved the first ~20 partners already. Several awesome 3rd party products are already available in the marketplace and our next release will add another dozen or so creations. We as a team are super energized to see new 3rd party product announcements almost every day and can’t wait to try some of these creations ourselves. It’s awesome to see to creative energy unleashed by the creator community and we are proud to see these products coming to the platform … and it’s only the beginning. We have nearly 100 product announcements planned over the next few months!

Carenado has apparently released the M20R Ovation on the MarketPlace.