Next Update When Please if Known

Now I ask this because I need to do some short-term maintenance on my rig. It won’t be down for more than a day or so, but once done, the software I install may block the update, so having a release date will help me to know when to watch to see if that is still happening. Please note, not trying to get the horse ahead of the cart or to offend anyone. Thank you in advance.

As per the last update, there will be nothing new until later next month, no specific date has been set.

WU end of Jan, SU end of Feb.

when its done.

Thanks to all, that allows time to do my maintenance. FWIW-Kim Komando says to update the firmware on NAS drives because of security concerns. I don’t have NAS; all my storage is local. But going to see if there are new firmware for them anyway. Again, Merry Christmas to all and Have Happy New year.

Per previous information from Community Managers, there is no end date announced yet for the SU7 Patch Beta currently underway. Thanks.

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