NextGen Sim Emb-110

There seems to be a new EMB-110 almost ready.

What are your thoughts?

For me EMB-110 is very much welcome but I have no high hopes on this one.


Excited for an Embrear, but unfortunately, it looks last-gen to me.
Flat lighting, visible pixelated textures, seats with no definition:

Visible repetition in the metal textures of the dial screws

No visible dirt, smudges or scruffs of any kind.

This is not made clear from the developer, but either it comes in two (or more) models, or somehow it gained/lost a extra door during development:

I think it´s two models, E110 C and E110 P1 ( stretched version )

Never hard of these developers, but the EMB-110 itself was pretty fun in X-Plane. Hopefully they include an old United Rainbow livery.