Nice airport terraforming

Dear Asoboo team, are you planning on fixing NICE airport at some point? Also, the crack at the runway on 4L were part of your France “update”…

They will fix nothing

Also a bump exists on runway 4R, in line with the one on 4L.

Simply unbelievable, when did France update come out? Seems like Xbox is simply the focus until further notice…

Do you have any scenery installed for that airport? I’ve just been at the exact same spot, flat surface but my jetways look different compared to yours so I guess yours might not be the default scenery.

It is the default scenary, NICE airport was one of the enhanced airports. I went and bought the payware of NICE and now there is no terramorphing, tired of the half baked efforts with this sim…

This is how it looks on my system

Did you definitely download the free World Update from the marketplace (in addition to the main updates to the sim)? The main content of each WU (including the airports) aren’t installed unless you do that.

Yes mate, went in to market place and redownloaded all WU, can’t get it to not morph or remove the cracks on runways.

Also I do not have any downloaded cache, pure streaming scenery.

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