Nice France airport landing with A320 neoNX custom on runway 22 left

First time trying to land on runway 22, I have been making the choice for RNAV.
Descent went well but I arrives at 90° of the runway on my left and less than 200 meters from the runway.
I understood that it was not a simple approach.
Since this time, I am trying different procedures without success.
I have been dreaming about a full manual control of the aircraft as a C152 but I did not find the way to turn correctly and to use the trim.
When seing videos of final approach, I can see it it necessary to follow the beach which is finishing to the airport with a large turn.

How do you proceed?

HDG mod with manual heading variations to join ILS localizer

Many thanks for your answer.
Does it mean that I will be able to control heading when descent will be controlled by the aircraft (RNAV or VOR/DME)?

The LFMN 22L/R procedures are interesting because there is not much space.

22 L/R landings are always visual, so you use the VOR or RNP navigation for the initial approach, but you need to do the rest completely manually and visually (see the charts).

I was once in a real flight as passenger on an Airbus A320 and the pilots first seemed to land on 04. At the last time they aborted, turned right a bit, passed the airport, made a very very steep turn to the left with an extreme bank, and put the plane down on 22 a few seconds later.

I never understood what happened, but it may have been great piloting.

Or a big mistake.

After seing a video from a pilot doing a difficult landing in USA, I understood A320 without Ap was able to turn banking at 30° or more.
It was not the case for me.
I have an old joystick Logitech Attack 3 which has only 3 axis. As rudder was necessary on the ground, one of the axis is for it.
I have been missing Aileron.
I have been making a test, replacing Rudder by Aileron axis.
I have been able to land in Nice Runway 22 easily.
I am impressed by the facility to handle this aircraft wirthout autopilot.
I am now search for an Hotas to replace my lod joystick.
I have been learning something today.