Night blurries following SU6 with Reverb G2

I’m not sure, since I mainly fly VR during day, that while the night lighting has improved post SU6, it appears to me that the scene outside of the small FOV is more blurry. With an Nvidia 3090 and i9 5.0 GHz/128 DDR RAM, I fiddled with OpenXR and MSFS VR settings and run with 80 render in OpenXR and 100 render in MSFS. Additionally, I have anti-aliasing TAA/300 terrain level of detail/200 objects level of detail/ultra texture resolution/16x ansioscopic/4x4 supersampling. All the other settings are either high or ultra. I also have runtime and motion reprojection turned off in OpenXR.

While the settings above give me a super smooth experience, the blurries at night are far more evident than during the day. Any recommendations for night settings to improve clarity? (the obvious one would be to crank rendering up but that has significant impact on smoothness).

Thanks in advance.

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