Night Improvement - Great Job

Did a few flights tonight and found it’s not as dark as it used to be. Ground lighting has improved in areas that wasn’t done well before. Improvements include neighborhood lights, new street lights in parking lots, and it’s not as dark at night (already said that…). I used to avoid night flights because it was unrealistically dark now I’m enjoying it. Great job on these items.

The sim includes moonlight and with a full moon today, that increases the ground lighting at night. Check the sim again in 2 weeks and you’ll see it is much darker at night.


Its these nifty details that make me smile :slight_smile: What a huge potential this sim really has…


I checked the sim under overcast skies and it’s still an improvement. Once they have things in the pocket with one feature I would hope they’d stop tweaking and move on to other areas that need work. Get the sim stable and matured then come back to areas with a fresh pair of eyes. There’s still night lighting issues to be addressed like towns with a solid light color over them or like they said in the last Podcast light spots in areas that has nothing there. But from what I’m seeing with what I said above, ‘STOP’, you did good/leave it alone, and move on to address what’s still broken. I hate to see the sim keep changing so much with each update that in many cases is a step backwards.

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I noticed it was much brighter too and was actually disappointed. Until I noticed a full moon and played with the dates and saw the lighting does change with the moon. Awesome I thought! I don’t think they need to make nights any brighter. I live in the western USA desert and can say when flying at night, there are areas that look like a black blanket has been put over your windscreen during night. It gets VERY dark over sparse areas. There’s even an area where it’s zero lights for miles and miles until you come up to a town with one road in and out and the way this town is situated creates a false horizon and makes you feel like you’re in a turn even though you’re level. Very trippy and makes you lean on your instruments even though it’s VFR outside.

I think they’ve nailed the night time environment. Just need to improve the city lights/terrain emitting light.


All we need now is some ramp/gate/apron lighting in the 37,000 default airports so we can find our way around at night.

Amazing that no one picked it up during testing.

Asobo have recorded the problem and confirmed it as ‘solved’…a euphemism for ‘We know what the problem is and we’ll fix it…at some point.’

I’m glad they’re fixing the eye candy for those who will buy the sim for the scenery but I wish they’d fix the fundamentals first.


I stand corrected, you are right. It was the moon. I was flying into LA tonight and it was dark as usual. Not a big deal it’s just that moon affect is awesome. Another thing I noticed when flying at night looking up at the stars looks a bit fake. It looks like a static map in the sky versus looking up into space and the stars. Not sure how older Flight Simulators got this right but this sim still needs work in making the night sky look authentic.

I love the stars. Looks like the sky from the ocean so might be overdone but I love looking at the stars.

I’m sure there is a long laundry list of amazing things picked up but the question is what state is it in right now. But better yet is how many other items they know about and still have no solution or a hotfix ability.

Been doing more night flights and I must say that light blanket over cities versus true night lighting is an eye sore. It’s not everywhere but flying over Atlanta last night with the whole city blanketed with light versus individual light on objects and street lights is a bad idea. Whoever thought of this is not a simmer. People told me about this but I hadn’t flew over major cities like Atlanta before at night. It seems not all areas is like this or when you get closer to the ground in some areas it’s back to what it should be but having blanketed light over anything is crazy. This needs to get address and I read their looking into this. It’s beyond small isolated areas.