Night lighting floating above ground


Just today I have a problem flying at night using Oculus Rift. The night lighting, like roads, seem to float above the terrain and move with my head mostly, they are not fixed to the head movement 100 percent but are fixed to where ever I look.

This has just started today? Anyone else having a similar issue? Monitor flying is fine, just in VR is where the problem is.



Hey, I don’t use VR but there is a bug with this issue at the moment. I believe about to be fixed in the hotfix patch coming soon. :slight_smile:

This is a known issue that’s has been brought up numerous times in the forum - always worth a quick search and look before posting another message.

The temporary work-around is to set the render scale 100, any other setting will result in related light issues at this time.
You may also want to delete your rolling cache, that can help with other issues like floating buildings/objects.

Many thanks everyone.


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