Night lighting issues still present - The community solutions

For that image to have context you should zoom in to one to show the origin of the red light. I’ll bet they were windmills.

They are not.

So what were they? Perhaps tell us this location so we can corroborate for ourselves?

I have to admit it would be an odd placement for wind turbines, but Cambridge, UK does have one in the city so it’s not unheard of.

I’ve not seen disembodied red light before, either, so you must know what the red lights are attached to to suggest they are not wind turbines.

They are just red orbs above buildings. I will probably send a screenshot of the spots during daylight later

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I would like to see the light sources look sharper in appearance yet realistic looking, not blurry as they are now or so sharp they look artificial like a 20 yr old video game. Right now the lights are way too blurry in VR. Your screenshot demonstrates this nicely.

Just posting reference material from another topic:



And look at the vehicle lights reflecting off the buildings!



Yep they’ve really messed it up since then! I remember flying at night and being like wow this is soo immersive, especially on some nights with bad weather… now its just as bad as other sims or even worse. Nothing special atm.

Having watched the announcement video, I’m not terribly excited I have to admit. I didn’t see any night scenery. The cloud generation looks good but there’s a sharp cutoff at the draw limit I hope they address. The trees are…meh, very copy-paste looking in large numbers. The surface water looks fantastic. They also include seaports, ships, etc. which is something very lacking in MSFS outside the photogrammetry. Dock after dock and harbor after harbor of submerged ships and no cranes.

Well, at least what we need is to go back to this alpha.

Wow the Alpha lighting is very neat! :heart_eyes:
Did we ever get a statement from anyone official regarding this after 1250+ posts? I mean, apart from the long range quality fix that, I guess, has nothing to do with the issue talked here.

Well we hope they have been reading this thread and taking notes. Thats what were all worried about, night lighting is on the list of things to be fixed in the coming update, but it only says Long Range Quality fix… which we dont know what they exactly mean by that. Yes Alpha night lighting is the way to go!!!

I was not in the alpha, but when I saw the development videos before release, I was impressed with how realistic the lighting looked. However when I bought the program the lighting seemed very dim and lifeless. Later the lighting was brightened-up, which I was very excited about and puzzled by the complaints about it being too bright. But this alpha shot is interesting to me as it shows how the lighting looked in the alphas. Whatever they do, let’s hope it best simulates reality, gives a reasonable approximation of it, and looks great in VR as well. Some of this is rather subjective as it becomes like stylized artwork or an impressionist painting. Not every area of the world is lit exactly the same way in every detail. So decisions have to be made in the algorithms that covers most places reasonably. So I can see it difficult pleasing everybody on every little point.

I agree and this is why I wrote a long time ago the following so that the users can choose what feels better for them:

Maybe if someone has the capability to create a poll on these forums with these two screenshots, the votes would certainly give a good indication about what direction the community prefers:


The idea of making a Beta version for everyone to use might work. Then a pole could be taken on what the majority thinks of the change. As you well know as a VR user it’s hard to vote on posted images as they look different in VR in practice (on different headsets too).

The other problem in deciding what the majority wants is do we want 1. Lighting that resembles a photo with long exposure and not necessarily what an actual pilot sees flying? or…2. What a pilot actually sees with his eyes in flight?

This can be a bit difficult to capture in photos or video at times. Personally, I’d opt for version 2. But that’s just me; and a little subjective from pilot to pilot.

+1 not only for the rendition that I also find more “pilot view” but more importantly for the light bulbs which aren’t making me wanting to grab my glasses, especially in VR…

Indeed. As for my earlier suggestion of a beta, it sounds (from the Q&A in progress right now) like this idea would be extremely complicated on the team and would severely slow-down development role-outs. I guess we need to have faith in the team’s decisions here and be patient. They are hard at work for sure.

From current Q@A Night light have been improved for next Sim update 6, on higher altitude, rendering is future away, more detailed, sepia mask is less used if I understand, not sure what will be overall, you can listen on current Q@A when available.

Also LOD is now going to 400, before it was not possible without major hit, before Simupate 5
Trees now rendered more far, on different part of the world there was random result.
They explained all this on last Q@A etc…

yes they explained a lot of things in the Q&A indeed, but not sure whether this is positive or not. I mean pushing the black marble texture farther away is good, and offering a UI slider for something you could already do manually in the UserCfg.opt file is good. However if the light bulbs don’t change and are still fuzzy, or if the street lights as the one we’ve seen in the Q&A are still non-realistically looking because of their color, placement, and types… What I did see in the Q&A is the same lighting, just drawn farther a little bit, nothing else. But this was most likely an alpha preview, and they’ll certainly surprise us, so like @SPilot95 is saying. let’s hope and be patient.


I missed live broadcast. At what minute they are talking about night lighting?