Night lighting issues still present - The community solutions

You are right.It might be a bumpy road but at least there are quite a lot of people in this forum who are dedicated, keen on finding issues and solutions and interested enough to give a feedback to the devs so that we pass through this road and have a better experience…

They claim to have fixed it as requested!

That’s promising that something has been done.
Downloading update now. If the only adjustment they’ve done is random display of smaller streetlights, there’s still a number of adjustments needed.

  • We still need better/smaller lamp “bulb/point” textures, with better scaling in brightness and size.
  • Bright lamp types and close lamps need a “glow” around the bright point, looked great in early alpha.
  • Rural area masking for lamp placement.
  • More color / brightness variation of visible lamps, not just randomized “on/off” for lamps.
  • And preferably a procedurally generated lamp based light-splash night texture, instead of very low res sepia mask illuminating whole regions in a uniform brown.

i have a feeling it’s gonna be a huge let down, but i’m downloading the update still

What do you think about opening a new topic with this subject? In addition to decreasing the luminosity of the lights, they also need to fix the airport lights, especially during daytime, where they should not be visible under normal flight conditions.

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There are already several posts about airport lighting and with many votes. Let’s not start another one.

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Even if someone opens a new thread probably the moderators will link it to this one…but I think in this thread we all covered all the issues found about night lighting and its way up in the bugs list…

I think (and this may be an unpopular opinion) the mods need to close this down and we need to make individual requests on all the lighting features we want to see.

  • if the devs consider this fixed, they probably are not going to keep an eye on this thread in the future
  • It allows us to vote on individual issues and show what we want the most. 'fix the night lighting is a broad topic
  • it allows better discussion on specific lighting topics.
  • ‘fix the lighting’ is never going to be considered fixed by everyone. So if it remains open, it will keep on taking this high spot in the to do list, even if 90% of us are happy with its current state.

(also why is this topic in the bugs forum, this should be a wishlist item)


Some night lighting in this latest trailer looks solid, hope it’s the same for everywhere in the sim

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Good points, yes the current airport lighting visibility is extremely bright both day and night.


Since only small adjustments was made, I still think this thread contains good feedback for many issues still remaining.

But: It might be a good idea with a new and more moderated thread aimed for constructive feedback, to give the devs a better chance to move forward.
Currently this thread has over 600 posts.
When it comes to feedback, it’s about quality of the posts, not the quantity.
A majority of the posts are unconstructive, nonspecific/exaggerated (Nothing like real) and repeated frustration & complaining from nonpilots/gamers many of which sadly seems to care more about eye-candy than realistic properties of night lighting and what it actually looks like flying in the night.

We totally need specific, fact-based(instead of feelings) and constructive feedback that the devs can actually work upon.


Exactly, I believe that creating a new one with a list of the best constructive ideas from here would be great.
Perhaps with a less aggressive title, explaining that it was a meeting of points of this topic.
I believe that we would get enough votes to attract their attention.

For example, there is a topic dealing with airport lights, but he does not have enough votes or engagement to attract the attention of devs.

We need to bring these problems and ideas together in a constructive topic.


Grinde81 you could try opening a new thread where you can give a summary of the main issues.

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I wouldn’t put it under a single topic again. I think the main issue for that small request (the runway lighting) not reaching the attention it deserves is the other topics being too big.

If we have a single request per topic (ie lamp posts for lights) we can direct our votes to the things we really want first instead of a general lighting topic. The latter could result in Asobo working on lighting for years because it remains on top. :smiley:

Yes but is any of the single request threads gonna take enough votes to get their attention?

If every single thread contains an individual request, then yes. Unless it turns out lighting is no more the top request we have. :wink:

Hope for that day :wink:

This is what I’ve tried to do in creating the Q&A request, in picking what I’ve found being the most salient facts exposed in this invaluable discussion:

Terrible Night Lighting after patch 5 - 466 votes already - Are you reconsidering night lighting in future updates and how can the community further help you?

This might help building some starting point if we were to create a new topic?

This group is mostly participating in a main discussion which has more than 466 votes right now, and there seem to be some consensus on night lighting not only in terms of representation and implementation ideas but also around a handful of prominent figures in the community. Because the discussion is very long I’m trying to point to the most recent and relevant material below.

Here are two excerpts which are illustrating in my opinion the most salient points:

You can read more elaborate comments here:

Take a few steps back to get started
Some observations with real life material
Using OSM data source a little bit differently might give better results
Using OSM data source differently is indeed giving better results
Looking at the current night lighting from a certain perspective shows it is wrong
We really don’t need NASA’s Black Marble texture to make it instantly better

I’d also suggest you follow the posts of @Grinde81 in this discussion and others (I’m sorry if I’m missing someone else). He is really prolific with the night lighting discussion and he is bringing lots of ideas. Just by looking at the likes and answers they must be good ideas.


This is a very good point, plus even though night lighting consists of a number of different parts, most of them needs tuning together/relative to each other, so being separated in different threads might be a less than optimal approach as well.


Anyway we will see what happens with a new or with a lot new threads, however have a look at that.

I improved the contrast in the second screenshot in ps…


IMO the way forward is individual topics to draw the attention to things the majority wants. If you create a generic topic to discuss it all in one place Asobo will end up cherry picking and may miss the thing we wanted most. :wink:

Perhaps we can have a generic discussion in General, and separate topics to vote in the wishlist.