Night Lighting - when?

Would anyone know when the night lighting is supposed to come on; does ambient light, say due to cloud cover, have an affect; and is it possible to tweak it so it comes on earlier?

How do you mean? Lighting from the ground below reflects on the clouds. The lights just come on when it gets dark. They tend to come on slowly bit at a time.

Hi there, I guess primarily what is the position of the sun above the horizon before we should expect to see artificial lighting come on? Do we expect to see it at twilight times or before?

Also, as an example, on a heavy overcast or rainy day, the ambient light is considerably less and as a result the artificial lights will start to go on in houses and building earlier still. Different weather conditions have can have an affect on “lighting up” time in the real world.

I only inquire as to whether anyone has noticed this?