Night lightning still messed up in mostly desert countries (After Update)

Hi Everyone,

I am pretty new to this, this is literally the first topic I ever made so please do give me feedback as that would help me improve in the future.

Anyway, to get right into the topic. With the new update came new night lightning. To be completely honest i am impressed! It looks absolutely stunning in many countries, except desert based countries…
The night textures are still messed up. Look at this screenshot that I took when I flew out of the Kingdom Of Bahrain which is a mostly desert country.

The whole country is light… I think it got worse when this update came out.
I know Asobo is trying their best to overcome this issue but still…

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks about this.

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They touched on this in their Q&A yesterday. They said the issues can still exist some places and they need better satellite data to fix those places up so we need to put up with it for now.


Before posting new threads, please use the search function. Chances are, that you are not the first one to notice and you should participate in existing threads if there are any.

This is due to lack of accurate lighting data in certain regions of the world as the devs explained in their last Q&A yesterday.

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Since there seems to be an abundance of threads on Night Lighting changes, I’ll be redirecting you to take action if you feel necessary by voting on the linked night lighting thread. Thanks for understanding.

Here’s the thread to vote on if you believe night lighting needs to be changed, or simply add your sentiments. Terrible night lighting after patch 5