Nightime lighting/shading very inconsistent depending on where you're looking

I have been noticing lately that when there is a full moon out and I am looking around in VR, the lighting/shading is varying wildly and it’s quite distracting.

For example, if I’m looking forward in my cockpit or to the right of my plane it’s very dark. I can hardly see the ground or anything not under direct light. But if I start looking to the left of my plane, the entire sky and ground will get illuminated by moonlight.

Something is very off and it’s making flying at night borderline not enjoyable as it’s so immersion breaking. It might have started in the SU10 update, I am not sure. Is anyone else experiencing anything like this?

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Yes! VR Eye Adaption Issues

Please add your vote above as it’s quite terrible at the moment. Hopefully it can be turned off if released like this. This is not an issue in SU9.

This could be the next update thorn in VR.

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