Nightly Fireworks over DisneyWorld/EPCOT Florida


What time are the fireworks?

2130H - 2145H Local.

You need WeLoveVFR’s Fireworks Add-On. It’s free on


No way!!! How cool is that? What time do you have to be flying over? I Googled the time and it is at 9:45pm EST for 20 minutes IRL. I bet it’s the same time in MSFS2020.

That’s so cool! I am amazed by the many little Easter Eggs like this, even if unintentional, like the 212 story tower in Melbourne. Actually tried stalling to a landing a few times in the Cub. :slight_smile:

I just installed it and took a flight over, pretty cool!

Times are listed in the readme… but I guess you figured it out already :wink:

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