Nîmes in France

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Green square next to the Nîmes-Courbessac aerodrome, the buildings look good, but there is a big light green demarcation compared to the whole area (Nîmes photogrammetry zone)

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just flight at LFTW

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ryzen 7 5800x - rtx 2080 super 8 go, 32 gb DDR4 - asus rog trix B550 F gaming.

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the last

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That airport is LFME not LFTW (Nîmes Grande Provence Méditerranée/Garons).
So is your issue the same than the one reported here ?:

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the airport is not LFME, is LFTW (nimes courbessac and not nimes-garons !!!)
2 airport for Nîmes, garon is military, courbessac civil.

LFME Nîmes-courbessac - civil (North East of Nîmes)
LFTW Nîmes-garons - military (South East of Nîmes)

So is the zone you are reporting is the same as in the other LFME post (longitude:43.846049 latitude: 4.472165) or a different zone ?. If a different zone, could you provide a screenshot and coordinates ?

i’m don’t understand sorry, nîmes-courbessac, and it’s LFME !

I reversed the ICAO…sorry again!

No problem, so your issue is the same than the one reported in the topic I mentioned in my above post right ?

yes, but i’have not see you post…

Your should report your issue in that thread where LFME is correctly mentioned:

Please contribute to the existing report: