No 15gb patch here, but donwloading the full 110gb game again!

How that is possible? a lot of users have the same issue. Any workaround? (MS store deluxe version)


Knowing Asobo all we’ll get is workarounds that don’t even work, they need to start from scratch with the content manager because it’s utter garbage.

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Are you by any chance looking at the black number in the middle instead of the white one on the right.

No it says 110GB on the right.
All the packages are still there and intact it just won’t patch them, I’ll try back them up and try anyway but it looks like it wants to reinstall the lot.

The Please Wait makes me think its scanning the game before it starts the download. The “Please Wait…” should actually be the details of the package you are downloading

it is going on, basically is downloading according to my internet speed, the “please wait” is regularly intermittent, not stuck or anything else, just expected a 15gb thing.

This is straight trash. I’m ■■■■■■ off. This will take 12 hours to download the whole game again

I’m just updating 13.4gb, wouldnt launch at first had to download something off Microsoft website first , gave me a link to go there when it wouldn’t launch… So far seems to be loads of patches for airports. Super slow update 700mb in 20 minutes!

To me from the first time(after the regular MSstore 600mb patch) said 110 gb, never had a 11,13 or 15gb number( iinterrupted and started 3 times to be sure).

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I don’t even get the patch note message like the above screenshot, hold on warp speed progress I’m up to 1gb downloaded!

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I did update on the Store before i opened the game and did this update. Might be worth going to the microsoft store, updating the sim (which is a small download) then opening the game to see if it refreshes the size.

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Thk you anyway Noctover for your support, but i did 3 times and said always 110gb.

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Microsoft flight simulator is truely a different experience for everyone! However we didn’t think they were referring to updates and installations !

seems we have another August 18th waiting night ahead…:stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like activation, i remember downloading COD 4 times every time a small patch went in. (Yes i play COD its the only game my mates will play with me dont hate me :stuck_out_tongue:)


YEs, I got directed to the store first when I tried to launch the app from desktop , it wouldn’t launch so I clicked on the link and took me to the store, it was already 500mb into the download following which I launched the app and it kicked off a 13gb update

It is slow, though; i’ve done 2gig in about 20 mins, im not to fussed about the speed though, patience is my 1 virtue.

Is this the second patch that they announced a few days ago?