No. 4 for Arrival at MYNN (Nassau)

I really admire the Working Title G3000 mod. This was the first flight I’ve had with it that the PFD pops up TCAS TA warnings. It was crazy arriving at MYNN, I was No. 4 for arrival and folks were under and overrunning me to get to the runway. AI needs help on separation and sequencing. :grinning:

I’ve often wondered how the AI engine handles go around or sequencing for live traffic. Or if there is some cut-over mechanism where MSFS takes control of its actions once it gets near the pattern.

I think there’s two complications here - one is that I’m dealing with Live Traffic in this case - so the FA feed is delayed by 5 minutes (not really a factor since I’m not cognizant of the delay) but more importantly, there are aspects of the feed such as how often is a/c position updated, what kind of transponder or radar target are they presenting, are they fully reporting altitude and speed, etc.

Then the other piece is how the sim is handling these Live Traffic objects, and what AI rules get applied to them. Presumably the relative path, speed and altitude are mostly accurate (but I have my doubts as anyone has seen a long-haul jet enroute plugging away at 210 KIAS at 500’ and the flight plan shows an international hop), and when does that behavior get overlaid onto the Live Traffic object?

We also see transponders come into play when Live Traffic arrives, and some of them immediately disappear upon rollout, never to be seen exiting the active or taxying to the ramp. Others act perfectly fine and you can follow them to the gate.

Lots of room for improvements, but they can’t be treated or viewed in a silo. Part of the behavior may have to do with the flight planning engine not understanding all possible AIRAC leg/procedure types - AI traffic Live or not may be queuing from that logic. Then there’s the larger convoluted pieces, like how to get AI Traffic and ATC to recognize Weather so that traffic diverts around storm cells or icing clouds?

For now, the chaos is cool to watch and exciting. But there’s a lot of work left, hopefully we’ll see cadence of progress pick up in Year 3 onwards of this journey.

It’s amazing seeing actual traffic near the airports – hence why I am OBSESSED with AIG’s AI traffic. Love it. But yeah, they don’t give a **************** if you’re in line! lol

Yes, that was my point… regardless of where the sim pilot is, the live traffic telemetry puts the AI aircraft where it is in real life (with delay of course). ‘Live’ has no idea the sim pilot exists. Unless live AI is only live to a point where MSFS takes over its actions taking into account the sim pilot.

And that leads to another question based on how MSFS handles live traffic… If the real aircraft does a go-around, will it show that in the sim? Dunno. Maybe. Maybe not.

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