No access to default library since SU6


I can’t get access to default Asobo library since SU6. For example in this image, a lot of trucks should appear from my search. Any idea?


I see similar - doubtless in an attempt to make the Objects Menu more intuitive.
You can only search the Package on the right now instead of seeing ALL library objects from all packages on the left and you can’t expand the Packages folder either.

In your case if you highlight ALL at the top of the Packages list you SHOULD be able to search all the packages for your keywords.

Umphh! Don’t know if it’s a step forward or a step backward.

hello! you have to click on fs-base or all in Package

Thanks guys. So obvious. SDK changes along with saving issues, I may have been distracted…

I quite like the new system so far… definitely a good move having assets separated between different packages

Yes. Having been working with it all afternoon I agree. You can actually get to stuff quicker than before - it’s like filters are built in now. I’m beginning to like it.