No access to Market place

whats happened … no access to market place or flight training, just greayed out …every thing else appears to be ok,
is this a bug, or have they been shut down ?

Hi @brokendigit - Just a shot in the dark here… for the Marketplace to work, the sim has to have an online connection. Go to Options -> General -> Data and make sure you are online.

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^^ Check this. The same thing happened to me and I thought my game was corrupted somehow. I had never disabled online but it seems like it had turned off automatically. Once I switched it back on everything was fine.

I checked online is on, however no servers are showing … i guess there is a problem somewhere…

will try it again later, cheers for info guys

looks like signing out of xbox live, and loging back in again , fixed my issues … thanks for all your advice guys …cheers

Try this:

  1. Close the game
  2. Log off from your XBOXGame Pass for PC
  3. Log off from Microsoft Store
  4. (Optional) Restart Machine
  5. Log back into XBOX Game Pass for PC
  6. Log back into Microsoft Store

You should have a small update. Then, try to run the game again. Making sure Data is set to Online

Tip: To log off from these just click on your profile picture on the top right, you’ll find options there to log out.

I’m back to normal with servers and market, however still failing to get access to flight training, just greyed out, I don’t use training, it just bugs me its not working … ill let you know if i find a fix , just encase others have the same issue …

Argh found the culprit, I moved all the files from my community folder, problem gone, i then placed the files back into the community folder until i found the one causing the flight training screen to be greyed out.

it turns out to be a sessna mod called C152X-master …

all is well again .