No access to sensibility axes anymore

Hi, we don’t have access in commands option for the sensibility of the joystick anymore and if you can also update the flight model to be more stable in Fly please

yeah, we know, it’s a bug of the new patch.
You can’t do anything about it, just wait :frowning:

" All peripheral controls show a blank Sensitivity menu. We have fixed this issue and will release it in the next patch.

As a work around until then, feel free to edit the files manually if needed: "

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My sensitivity menu’s are completely blank

Bill Clark

That post refers to a Steam install. I’ve searched just about my entire C: drive and can’t find anything like that in my MS Store installation.

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At the top of the forum there is a link to Known issues, a very useful link where you can quick check if a problem you have found is already on the developers radar. For some you may find additional useful information that may help you to resolve and issue or find a temporary work around.

Failing that have a quick look at some topics of previous posts you often find there is already a discussion ongoing about such problems.


They had one job, hadn’t they?

Thanks for pointing it out.

Go here C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData\wgs

You will find a folder with a lot of numbers. Go into that and you will find some more folders with numbers. Some of these folders will have your current hardware controllers and their sensitivity axis and keymapping settings. You will know when you open them up in Notepad, wordpad etc.

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I’ve never touched on in game sensibility bars, the controller drivers (Saitek/Logitech) allows to do that in a much more accurate way. I encourage people to use specific profiles with proper axis sensitivity calibration using the manufacturer standalone tools.

Found it - finally. Thanks! It took a minute of trial and error dragging files into Notepad++ and seeing what’s what. All but two of the files look to be compiled and show up as gibberish in the editor. The last two are the keyboard and stick profiles.

I am playing with a warthog hotas and plugged and played straight away. However I notice when flying in airliners that the engines wont go below 20% according to the external HUD and internal displays…despite the levers being all the way back physically and in the game. Is this to do with sensitivity settings and dead zones?

If you’re talking about N1 then nope, it’s the way engine’s work. You’ll also notice that the N1 minimum will be higher the faster your airspeed.

An analogy is your car engine. With the accelerator pedal at minimum, it’s still showing 700rpm or so, not 0.

20% N1 means that the main fan is spinning at 20% of it’s rated maximum. It doesn’t mean you’ve selected 20% more than zero power.

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Yeah, what the hell… Do these guys have some minds?

ok than makes sense

Thank You